Real delicacy: vinegar beef tongue

Real delicacy: vinegar beef tongue

Beef tongue – a delicacy of food from which it is possible to make the mass of various interesting salads, snack, hot, etc. Also the vinegar pickled tongue turns out very tasty and fragrant.

Beef tongue in European wine маринадеДля preparations take language, 1 bulb of the average size, 2 lavrushka, 3-5 peas of a black pepper, 2 inflorescences of a carnation, salt. For marinade prepare 50 ml of wine vinegar and juice of a lemon, 300 ml of a pink or red strong wine. Perfectly Madeira, a muscat, a sherry or Vermouth will approach. Also lay out 3 garlic gloves, 1 hot red pepper, greens of a basil, parsley, rosemary and a coriander. You shouldn't use fennel.

Take language, carefully clean it by means of a brush, well wash a baking plate with warm water. In a pan pour water, put language, the bulb cleaned and cut on half, a carnation, pepper, a lavrushka, salt to taste, mix. Put on a plate on average fire, you cook 2.5-3.5 hours.

Pay attention, pork tongue is cooked by 1.5-2 hours.

When language is ready, take out it from a pan, put on a quarter of hour in cold water. After that accurately remove from it the upper layer of the skin. Cut meat across slices of thickness necessary to you. Language is ready to pickling. In a special mortar pound paprika with garlic, salt. If in economy there is no mortar, just small crush ingredients. Lay out everything in capacity, pour in lemon juice, vinegar and wine, add the chopped greens, carefully mix everything. Put language in structure, again stir, remove everything in the fridge, let's stand 5-8 hours. Give garnished, for example paste, boiled potatoes, an asparagus, rice, salad from a fresh vegetables. Language in the Far East stilevylozhit language of 1.2-1.6 kg, for marinade prepare 300 ml of plum wine, 40 ml of rice or fruit vinegar, 20 ml of juice of a lime, a honey dessertspoon, 3 dessertspoons of a dark soy-bean sauce, 1 average pod of red hot pepper, 2 teeth of garlic, the composition of dry ground spices made to your taste. Boil language, prepare as it is stated in the recipe above. Chop garlic and pepper or pound. In capacity put all components necessary for marinade, carefully mix. Lay out pieces of language, pickle in the fridge 2-3 hours.

Marinade can give additional original shades, having put a small amount of tamarindovy paste.

The vinegar pickled tongue with sauce тартарДля this dish is useful 1 beef tongue, on 1 average carrots and a bulb, a small stalk of a celery, a garlic tooth, a glass of wine white vinegar, salt and pepper, 4 eggs, a glass of olive oil, 4 branches of parsley, juice of a half of a lemon. In a pan put, cleaned and largely cut, onions, carrots, a celery. Salt, fill in with water, put language, you cook 3 hours. Cut ready meat small pieces. In a bowl mix the crushed garlic, pepper, salt, vinegar, put language, mix. Pickle 2 hours in a cold spot. Place yolks of 3 boiled eggs in the blender, add one crude yolk, put parsley, it is a little onions, shake up everything before receiving homogeneous mass. Shaking up, add lemon juice and oil. Sauce is ready. Using options of these marinades, it is possible to make also pork tongue.

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