10 reasons for which peonies do not blossom

10 reasons for which peonies do not blossom

The decorative effect and longevity of garden grassy peonies depend on the correct landing and agrotechnology. That peonies pleased you with magnificent blossoming, were magnificent decoration of garden and grew on one place more than 20 years, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of landing and care for them.


1. Reason: peonies grow in the shaded place. Peonies are photophilous. Therefore it is not necessary to plant them near constructions or trees, in the shaded places, t.e where the sun does not happen. The easy half-shade will approach, and in the summer when there is very hot weather, it will even do peonies good.

2. Reason: insufficient distance between plants or push fit. Do not plant your plants close from each other. Peonies love good air circulation, it will prevent fungal diseases.

3. Reason: crude soil. Crude, boggy places will not be suitable for peonies because roots rot. The rhizome has to grow in well trained, rather damp, cultivated, not sour soil. Fresh manure cannot be brought.

4. Reason: raw soil. For comfortable development the peonies need deep soil cultivation (50sm*50sm*50sm). Roots of peonies get on that depth on what the soil is processed.

5. Reason: unacceptably deep/small water of landing. Too deep (as well as small) landing of rhizome is inadmissible. When landing the roots have so that kidneys were on 4 see below soil level.

6. Reason: landing or change of plants at the wrong time. You carry out landing (change) of peonies to the period since the end of August to the 20th of September that plants have managed to take roots before frosts.

7. Reason: lack of change of peonies. To replace it is necessary (to rejuvenate) and divide bushes 1 time in 3-4 years. Old plants blossom every year worse and worse.

8. Reason: wrong fertilizing of plants. Feed up peonies correctly. Be not fond of nitrogen fertilizers. The first fertilizing - in the spring on snow. The second - during budding. The third - after blossoming.

9. Reason: wrong watering. In dry weather peonies it is abundant water each 10 days, without humidifying at the same time foliage.

10. Reason: frequent cut of flowers on bouquets. Do not cut off too many flowers, otherwise the plant will weaken and new kidneys of renewal will be very weak and small too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team