Magic and children

Magic and children

Tell which of children does not believe in magic? Correctly – all believe. And, by the way, correctly do because the condition of belief works wonders. If adults believed in the fairy tale, and completely, all the being – it by all means would be implemented in the physical world. For example, Valentin Dikul believed that he will be healthy again after the hardest trauma, and the belief cured him. Energy of belief is an energy of heart, soul, very powerful healing power.

Having felt the adult insolvency, I just decided to become a child again. To play with children, admiring process, to freely express the emotions, and ceased to pose as the woman teacher. I just believed that now we with children equal partners and, playing, teach each other. And in a condition of pleasure and relaxedness. We sonastroitsya so with each other that as soon as someone lost "himself in a squall of emotions" only one my look calmed the kid. (Then children were 6 years old).

The child, being born in family, already obviously knows the purposes and tasks. And a task of parents to help to grow with the child him divine purpose. If parents, feeling a way of the child, help it to be implemented, the child is filled with energy, force, self-confidence, so happiness. If the programs contradicting his tasks are imposed to the child, then he grows weak, painful, mentally unstable, suppressed. Or suppression can cause a protest, and the child becomes the aggressive, closed, cruel destroyer. I described pronounced forms, there is a mass of variations, but an essence such is that the child because of "a crust of parental programs" cannot show the Divine task and as a result suffers. His body, its mentality, soul suffers.

From a row also parents because they do not know that they create suffer. The stream of illusions takes more and more, and the child is more senior, the it is heavier to change his outlook. 4 years – are considered already solid age and basic structures of mentality are created. In a subcortex the conception, a condition of mother is forever written down during pregnancy, her emotion, a thought (dark or light), childbirth (where gives birth who surrounds it as got ready for childbirth that feels during childbirth).

Process of childbirth (as there is a fruit, fast or long childbirth whether the little man tries to get out of narrow patrimonial ways, or it is helped – do Cesarean section) is very important, thereby, dooming the child to the program of passivity, inertness. Who met this small sun: kind hands or the doctor tortured by constant calls to women in labor. As mother reacted – it was delighted, filled with pride and force, having taken the baby on hands, or fell in a faint, tortured by pricks and diets.

Whether the father, a support and protection of family as joined in process of childbirth whether supported was near, felt love for the kid. The first months of life – whether mother of the child feeds? Whether the program of isolation is developed at him? Whether often he is on hands whether often talk to him, laugh, give positive emotions. What atmosphere in the house - a cosiness, heat, love, or closely, stuffy, parents clash. It is already possible to continue indefinitely.

Parents quarreled, and the kid is near as the sponge absorbs negative emotions. Parents already reconciled, forgot about a quarrel, and at the little man this situation in a subcortex for the rest of life registered. And if the situation repeats – quarrels, the conflicts, then forecasts unfavourable: at the child the immunity decreases, the probability of diseases rises, there is a nervousness, the sleep, frequent fears, tendency to manifestation of low emotions, aggressions, depressions is interrupted …

What will be put by parents in the first 3 years of life and a situation of pre-natal life of the baby (if parents thought of abortion option - the program of isolation, uselessness) plus the atmosphere of the birth of the child, with such data the kid can be shown and will go on life – easily, optimistically overcoming difficulties, or in tension, in fears, in concern, hiding from life at any complexity.

Key parameters of formation of intelligence, emotions, physical body are put up to 7 years. Not without reason until recently children went to school from 7 years, but not with 6 as teachers experimenters thought up to justify the insolvency in the solution of problems of education of children of the 3rd millennium.

Up to 10 years the child "remembers" - whom he has to become in this life: he plays these types of activity, he is interested in these subjects, in them he shows the greatest ingenuity and skill. He, to surprise of mothers and fathers, can argue on these subjects as the professional. And if parents observant, then they surely see abilities, talents of the child in a certain subject. If there is a lot of tendencies – it is fine because speaks about the versatile identity of the child, about richness of the choice. After 10 years there is "a certain deleting and equalizing", society provides conditions for this sad process, and the child, submitting to collective unconscious, seeks to be dissolved in crowd similar (serious hormonal changes – the adolescence period approach).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team