How to remember where put a thing?

How to remember where put a thing?

Pretty often happens so that you put a thing somewhere, and then you cannot find it. And seemingly precisely you know, where exactly it has to lie, but nevertheless it is not in that place and where to look for it there is no slightest concept. It is not obligatory to be at the same time the person scattered or forgetful at all, it can happen to everyone. In particular such situations are unpleasant when somewhere you hurry or are even late, and the lost thing is simply vital and it is impossible to leave without it in any way. For example, in house space car keys, money or even the same ill-fated socks rather the one and only sock which will not be enough very for couple quite often can get lost. How to remember where put a thing? And what is not less important how it to make quickly not to waste time?

How to remember what forgot where put?

  1. Returnable way. There are such situations that here you hold the necessary thing in hand, then by something are distracted and as a result put this thing somewhere, and to remember where, cannot. In that case the best option is anew to repeat all chain of events. For example, you remember when you held a purse in hand, but then you were distracted by a call of phone and do not remember where left a purse. Anew repeat all events: scroll them in the head or better do everything as was. It is the best way of how to remember where put money, keys, the panel from the TV and other trifles in such spirit which constantly you twist in hands and you put somewhere, without focusing on this ordinary action of attention.
  2. Logical way. Of course, it is the best of all to analyze logically where it was possible to put a subject. For example, if it small can also easily be lost, then it, most likely, will put in some box or a box inadvertently not to brush away. Objects of the frequent use usually are never put in hard-to-reach spots therefore the panel from the TV or phone will hardly appear in a locker with pans. Generally, logical thinking quite often helps out in such situations.
  3. The repeating way. One more way which well will help how to remember where it put some thing long ago. It is worth presenting a required subject at itself in hands, so brightly as far as it will turn out. And to think where this subject can be put. Often we will present that place where put this subject before because hardly something will come to mind too original, the person nevertheless usually is guided by habits.
  4. The lifting way. Quite often there is it that precisely you remember where left a thing, but it is not for any unclear reasons there. In that case you should not diagnose at once for yourself a sclerosis, can be so that the thing really in that place, but simply or somewhere was gone, or it with something was covered. For example, keys, it is often possible to cover accidentally with the newspaper or the magazine, and phone left on a sofa quite can fail in a hole between pillows.
  5. The forgetting way. Well and the last that it is possible to make to remember where put a thing, is, strangely enough, to forget about it. Yes, quite so. Sometimes searching excessive focus on, actually, search disturbs. Because of it it is possible not to notice the required thing lying on the foreground. Therefore if already all tried, and the thing does not want to be in any way, then the best way is to be distracted from search by something else. Having returned after such smoke break to business, almost with absolute probability you will find a thing and, by the way, it will lie in the place the most obvious and noticeable. Paradox.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team