How to keep carrots in the winter

How to keep carrots in the winter

In winter and spring season the organism especially lacks useful cellulose and vitamins. Therefore fresh carrots salad will be not so superfluous on table. But how to keep carrots in the winter? This root crop is very whimsical to storage conditions.


1. To dig out carrots pitchfork of the damp soil. If the soil dry, then the night before it has to be watered. It is not necessary to try to clean root crops not to put them mechanical damages. It is also not necessary to wash them before bookmark on storage as it accelerates development of diseases

2. The tops of vegetable needs to be cut off at the basis of root crop, level with head.

3. Dry carrots in shadow, under canopy. If to leave in the open sun, then it can podvyat that does not promote long storage.

4. As storage it is the best of all to use the basement in which the air temperature not higher than +4 degrees and humidity about 90% is maintained. At temperature of +5 degrees and above carrots begin to sprout. Put carrots in boxes and pour it damp sand so that root crops did not adjoin with each other. To protect harvest from diseases, it is necessary to add chalk or well slaked lime (about 1-2% of sand volume) to sand. Eventually the top layer of sand needs to be humidified.

5. Less labor-consuming storage technique of carrots - in plastic bags on 40-50 kg (from under sugar). In bags make several openings, with a diameter of 1 cm, for exit of excess carbon dioxide, lay carrots and tie rope. Place bags in storage.

6. For the best safety of carrots use peel from onions, or in the form of water infusion (before laying by it to sprysnut and dry up carrots on air), or pour peel in a dry form with root crops.

7. Carrot till spring remains juicy and healthy if to fall asleep it for storage together with potatoes.

8. It is periodically necessary to touch carrots and to delete root crops which have begun to decay.

9. If you have no basement, then small amount of carrots (8-10 kg) can be kept in cardboard box or in perforated plastic bag. Lay root crops in ranks on 15-20 pieces and between layers put on one rhizome of horse-radish. Horse-radish works in this case as antiseptics, protecting your harvest from diseases.

10. Put box or package to the most cool place in your house and do not forget to delete also from time to time vegetables which have begun to spoil.

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