How to learn a mailbox name

How to learn a mailbox name

E-mail gives the chance of boundless communication with which does not interfere either distance, or any other obstacles. If you need to learn a name of a mailbox of any specific person, take the below-mentioned advice.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access


1. If it is inconvenient to ask the mailbox address for any reasons (for example, you hesitate to recognize him from the pleasant girl), find a reason for "business" correspondence. Ask the person whose e-mail is necessary to you, to send some information on the question concerning you to your box. Having received such letter, you will see a source address, and the objective will be achieved.

2. Be provided by the person who holds an opinion poll for any psychological research, and ask to answer respondents some insignificant questions. At the end of poll ask to call contact information, for example, e-mail. People report the mailbox address, than the phone number much more willingly.

3. Be engaged in search of the necessary information on social networks. For example, VKontakte or in "My world", data can be in open access. And, for example, in the projects "My Circle" and similar, the e-mail address - public option for feedback.

4. If you know the place of study or work of the person, whose e-mail address you search, appeal to personnel department or dean's office to prompt you e-mail of the employee or the student, for transfer of important information. If you have mutual friends, take an interest in the address at them.

5. Look for information on the person necessary to you, having gathered his name and a surname in the search program. If he uploaded on any websites publicly the data interesting you, you will find them.

6. If you are interested in a name of a mailbox of any official or the organization, visit the corresponding website belonging to the object interesting you. At the section "Contacts" or "As to Contact Us" there can be an e-mail address.

7. Use on - line - the services which are carrying out information search about the person (for example, Keep in mind that these services are paid.

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