How to cook eggs

How to cook eggs

It is possible to cook egg, apparently. However it isn't always possible to achieve desirable result. Sometimes it happens so that there was a wish soft-boiled, and it turned out hard-boiled or boiled egg was necessary, but the yolk was digested and lost color. Not to receive unexpected result, it is necessary to know how to cook eggs.

As it is correct to weld

Put eggs in a saucepan with water, include a plate, it is a little time – and everything is ready. As it turned out, the nuances are and here. To receive the necessary result, it is necessary to know several simple rules. First, it is impossible to cook eggs cold, that is right after their taking out from the fridge. If to put cold egg in hot water, most likely, it foully will burst.

Secondly, pay attention to an expiration date. If from the date of packaging didn't pass also four days, you cook eggs for three minutes longer.

In the third, when cooking from a blunt end air can gather. If air gathers much, eggs can crack. To avoid such effect puncture each egg from a blunt end.

Soft-boiled egg (way 1):

Pour boiled water in small ware. Lower eggs in turn by means of a tablespoon. Try to use always the timer that will allow not to digest eggs and not to leave them half-cooked. Install it for a minute and you cook in the boiling water. Then put away ware from a plate, close a cover and leave for 6 minutes that the yolk grabbed, and protein remained liquid. If preference is given to completely stiffened yolk, then take their baking plate a cover a minute more.

Soft-boiled egg (way 2):

Put eggs in a saucepan, fill in with water and put on a plate. Make a flame initially big and reduce only it after boiling. That egg turned out semi-fluid, you cook its 3rd blowjob. In order that only protein grabbed, and the yolk remained in liquid state – 4 minutes.

Hard boiled egg

Put eggs in a pan and pour cold water so that it covered them approximately on centimeter. As soon as water begins to boil, put the timer for 6 minutes if you prefer that the yolk remained a little thinnish. If you want egg to turn out completely hard-boiled, then put the timer for 7 minutes. After cooking take eggs under flowing water about a minute, and then leave in cold water for 2 minutes to allow them to cool down completely.

Coddled egg

Put eggs in cold water, wait for boiling and boil thoroughly 4 more minutes. The second option - lower eggs in already boiling water, you cook minute, switch off fire and keep in water of 7 more minutes.

What eggs it is more useful

It is more useful to eat soft-boiled eggs. However more often it is possible to hear recommendations that it is necessary to boil and fry thoroughly well eggs as they contain causative agents of salmonellosis.

As it is correct to clean

Peel egg so that it remained beautiful, it can turn out not always too. And there are secrets. Before cleaning, the skorlupka should be "rastreskat" on all surface, so it will become much easier to clean. It is necessary to begin cleaning with the large end and to continue a baking plate by a stream of cold water that all shell in the course of cleaning was washed away. Remember that if you cook eggs which were packaged only 4-5 days ago, be ready that they will be badly cleaned. After cleaning put eggs under flowing water as to avoid darkening of a yolk, then they have to cool down completely. Also eggs will be quite easy to be cleaned if after cooking directly in a shell to put them for several minutes in cold water. Then the shell will depart from protein much easier. What way of preparation wouldn't be preferable, the attention always should be paid also to how the final dish looks. Take advice and bon appetit!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team