How to cook jam in the multicooker

How to cook jam in the multicooker

The first fruit and berries ripen, and hostesses already seek to prepare them for the winter - cook jam. A small amount of fruit and berries can be welded in the multicooker is conveniently and quickly.

It is required to you

  • - berries or fruit;
  • - sugar;
  • - multicooker;
  • - banks and covers.


1. As it is necessary to cook jam in the multicooker with the closed cover, moisture won't evaporate, and syrup won't thicken. Therefore jam will turn out liquid, but with the whole berries as jam five-minute. If you want more densely, try to weld for 2 approaches.

2. Don't put many berries in the multicooker, otherwise jam ""will just escape"" therefore remember proportions. On 2 l capacity - no more than a half a kilogram of fruit or berries. Look what volume at you the multicooker, and calculate how many what is required to you.

3. Wash up fruit or berries and surely let's them dry out because excess liquid in the multicooker to anything. Mix berries with sugar. If you cook jam in the multicooker from apricots or strawberry, take sugar in equal quantity. Sour berries, for example, of currant, sugar require more.

4. Before cooking jam in the multicooker, surely remove the steam valve. Put berries in capacity, close a cover and include the Suppression mode for 1 hour. During this time prepare banks. They need to be sterilized. It is possible to make it in several ways. Deliver to bank on a special support over the water boiling in a pan a bottom down. 3-5 minutes later remove. And it is possible just to fill in banks with boiled water, to cover with boiled covers and to take 10 minutes, then carefully to drain water. Or to put cups in the double boiler and to sterilize them.

5. Jam in the multicooker is already ready. Open it and shift it in banks. At once twirl them covers because jam liquid and at hit of microbes can begin to ferment over time. Put cups a bottom up and cover with a blanket or still something. Let jam longer will be hot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team