How to define low-calorie products

How to define low-calorie products

The slim figure demands the balanced receipt in an organism of useful substances which it receives together with food. Therefore it is important to consider not only a diet, but also to give more attention to what you eat. It is necessary to remember what products will definitely not do much harm to a figure.


1. First of all, it is vegetables of green color (cucumbers, pepper, salad, green onions, an asparagus, cabbage, a squash). No more than 30-40 kcal are the share of 100 g of each of them. The light listed vegetables dishes can be seasoned with parsley (45 kcal), fennel (38 kcal). However, support a figure in a tone and other low-calorie vegetables: carrots, beet, tomatoes, paprika.

2. To sate an organism and not to gather extra kilos, eat beans (57 kcal), green peas (58 kcal). And also don't forget about fruit and berries in which there is a lot of useful cellulose. For example, eat apples (45 kcal), pears (47 kcal), a melon (33 kcal), persimmon (53 kcal). Watermelon, a wild strawberry, an apricot, cherry, blackberry, grapefruit are considered as the most low-calorie of fruit and berries. Level of energy value in them doesn't exceed 40 kcal on 100 g.

3. Contrary to fears of many, a meat and dairy products not always involves extra kilos. Fat-free kefir (30 kcal), milk (58 kcal), 1.5% yogurt (51 kcal), a boiled fermented milk (85 kcal) are useful to a figure. The losing weight meat eaters can eat safely light meat of chicken (165 kcal), veal (90 kcal), kidneys (66-80 kcal) and heart (80-110 kcal). But if you decided to indulge yourself with meat, eat it till 6 p.m.

4. The slim figure won't be prevented also by some seafood. Perhaps, the most low-calorie of them - a sea cabbage. In it only 5 kcal are the share of 100 g. If you wishing regales on a river small fish, then choose a carp, a pike, a perch from whom the arrow of scales won't shake in the unnecessary party. Energy value of these products makes less than 100 kcal on 100 g. Sea low-calorie products – shrimps (130 kcal), squids (75 kcal) and also blue whiting, a hake, a cod, a sprat, a pollock, a halibut, a rockfish.

5. Include in a diet eggs (it is desirable from home-made chicken), avocado, different types of nuts. And if pulls to eat something tasty, then for a dessert afford marshmallows or fruit jelly. These sweeties are the most low-calorie of all other, but is them it is necessary in reasonable quantities.

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