How to make a house sherbet with peanut

How to make a house sherbet with peanut

Fans of east cookery will appreciate a delicate flavor of this exotic sweet. A peanut sherbet – ideal delicacy for a cozy family tea drinking!

Ingredients (at the rate on 10 portions):

  • Desi - 70 g;
  • Milk – 250 ml;
  • Granulated sugar - 600 g;
  • The peeled peanut - about 1 glass.


  • It is more preferable to prepare a dessert sweet in pig-iron capacity – otherwise sugar weight will stick to a bottom and walls of ware. We pour milk and at once we pour sugar half a kilo. Properly we stir and we boil on weak fire about 30 minutes. From time to time properly we disturb.
  • In parallel we will fry nutlets. We spread them on a dry frying pan and we place on fire – when peanut is ready, will begin to crackle actively (don't allow it to burn!). We will at once set aside ware from a plate.
  • When nuts cool down, we will remove all peel. We shift in a plastic plateau with a flat bottom and properly we level.
  • After half an hour, dairy syrup becomes more dense. It is a high time to move away him from fire!
  • We kindle the remains of sugar (half-glass) in a frying pan till brown color. Then slowly and very carefully we pour out caramel in dairy syrup – on the course of process it is continuously stirred.
  • Once again we will mix everything. We put the desi sliced, and then we return sweet weight on slow fire. Uvarivayem 25 more minutes, to density.
  • We fill in our peanut directly in a bowl. Now the sherbet needs to stiffen in the conditions of room temperature. On it about 1 hour will leave.

We cut ready delicacy portion pieces and we give accompanied by fragrant tea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team