How to make apples in caramel independently

How to make apples in caramel independently

Apples in caramel - a tasty and fast dessert in the Chinese style. It is often given at restaurants, but such delicacy can be made also at home. The apples sliced are fried in dough, and then karamelizirutsya. If such option seems to you too difficult, make apples on a stick - they are dipped into caramel entirely and become a fine dessert for children.

Apples in Chinese

Apples in the Chinese style need to be served at once after preparation - the dessert has to be very hot. Use firm juicy apples - when frying they will better keep a form.

It is required to you:

- 5 apples; - lemon juice; - 80 g of flour; - 1 h starch spoon; - 3 egg whites;

- 100 g of milk; - 250 g of sugar; - 150 ml of water; - sesame seed; - vegetable oil for hot fan.

Wash up apples, clean, remove a core. Cut fruits on segments and sprinkle lemon juice. In a pan or a deep frying pan warm vegetable oil. Make batter. In a bowl mix flour and starch, separately shake up milk with egg whites. Pour in a milk mix in flour and mix to uniformity. Dip apple segments into a mobile dough, and then fry in hot oil till golden color. Display apples on the plate laid by a paper towel that excess fat was absorbed. You keep products in the warm. In a stewpan dissolve sugar in water, bring mix to the boil and you cook until it gets a golden-brown shade. Add a sesame seed to caramel and mix. Serially immerse apple segments in hot caramel and spread on the plates oiled creamy or vegetable. Give immediately. To every portion the cup with cold water is necessary. Dip into it apples in caramel for hardening.

Don't save oil, otherwise apple segments will stick to a plate.

Apples on a stick

Try to make a fast dessert which is very much loved by children. It turns out not only tasty, but also healthy - home-made caramel doesn't contain dyes, and fruits aren't exposed to heat treatment. For preparation use ripe sweet-sour fleshy fruits of the small size.

Thus it is possible to cook not only apples, but also other fruit - bananas, strawberry, pears.

It is required to you: - 2 medium-sized apples; - 150 g of sugar; - 1 h spoon of lemon juice. Carefully wash up apples a brush and hot water. Dry them, and then put on wooden skewers. Make caramel. Pour sugar into a stewpan, add lemon juice. Put mix on fire and, stirring slowly, wait until sugar turns into caramel. Don't allow it to burn, otherwise ready fruit will taste bitter. Dip apples in hot syrup, turning them so that caramel covered fruit from all directions. For process acceleration apples can be watered from a spoon. Lay a ready dessert on the plate oiled and wait until caramel hardens.

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