How to make baby puree most

How to make baby puree most

Each mom seriously treats what food is received by her child. Food of the kid has to be prepared from quality products and useful. If the milk mix is used, all responsibility for safety of food of the child lies on her producer. But when there comes time of introduction of the first feeding up, there is an opportunity to prepare a product independently, following the recommendations of experts and following rules of food hygiene.


1. For a start, stock up with the necessary devices, such as manual blender, juice extractor. It is good to have the double boiler and the microwave oven in kitchen. The main thing that the household appliances used by you could be kept easily clean.

2. There is such point of view that it is better to begin with vegetable puree because the kid who tasted fruit will refuse vegetables subsequently.

3. Puree for the first feeding up has to be single-component (prepared from one vegetable, for example, potatoes, a squash, a cauliflower). Peas and a white cabbage as they cause a meteorizm aren't suitable for the first acquaintance of the kid to vegetables. Pay attention, to "store" purees and be guided by their structure and age from which it is possible to give this puree to the kid. Choose a fresh vegetables free of defects. You don't store them in the fridge more than two days. If there is no opportunity to buy a fresh vegetables, stop the choice on frozen. As a rule, there are more nutrients and vitamins remains in the whole, but not cut vegetables and fruit.

4. Vegetables, firm fruit need to be washed out, peeled and seeds, to cut on pieces and to steam. It is also possible to bake in an oven, the microwave oven, or just to weld in a saucepan. In the latter case it isn't necessary to add a large amount of water – let it close vegetables less than half. Close a pan a cover, it will reduce preparation time. It isn't necessary to add sugar, salt, spices, honey in the course of preparation.

5. Hot crush ready vegetables (fruit) the blender, potatoes can just be mashed a fork, to wipe apple through a sieve. After that add water (or broth) as the turned-out puree too dense for the child. In vegetable puree it is possible to pour in ½ teaspoons of purified vegetable oil (better sunflower as olive has a peculiar flavor which can not be pleasant to the child).

6. Be attentive to food temperature – puree shouldn't be hot. It is impossible to store the puree made in advance in the fridge more than two hours.

7. Begin to give to the child of puree about ½ teaspoons, gradually bringing to 50 g to 6-month age, to 100 g by a year. Track reaction of the child to a new product. Gradually you enter two- and three-component purees into a diet of the kid, from 8-9-month age add the boiled crushed meat (chicken, a turkey) to vegetables.

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