How to make brown rice

How to make brown rice

Admirers of tasty and healthy food estimated all advantages of brown rice long ago. Such product is more useful than some ordinary rice, besides contains food fibers, proteins and it is a lot of vitamins. Brown rice call several grades of rice: brown, red and wild black.

It is required to you

  • - glass of brown rice
  • - a clear water, is enough 3 glasses
  • - half of a cube of vegetable broth


1. Before starting preparation of rice, it needs to be washed out carefully. It is the best of all to make it under flowing water, having waited in the container with rice so far water will become transparent.

2. Now rice needs to be dried slightly. It is better to do it in a pan or in a frying pan, it is necessary to dry rice on average fire. It is important to stir slowly periodically it by means of a scapula. Some add a little oil in the course of preparation, but brown rice and without such additive will be friable.

3. A half of a cube of broth needs to be parted in hot water. After that rice is added. You shouldn't forget about salt. It is necessary to cook rice on strong fire, but after water boiling fire on a plate decreases to a minimum. Rice under a cover cooks, as a result of water in a pan shouldn't be.

4. It isn't required to mix rice and open a cover. He prepares about half an hour. After that the pan with rice is removed from fire and left to potomitsya about 20 minutes, without opening a cover. Rice becomes softer and friable.

5. To taste brown rice differs from usual rice a little. But it doesn't mean at all that brown rice inedible, on the contrary many consider its nutty flavor a dish highlight. This cereal will be pleasant to fans of culinary experiments. From it excellent Indian dishes turn out, it is perfectly combined with chicken and vegetables and also with fish and seafood. Often brown rice is eaten by the people wishing to lose excess weight, its regular consumption has the cleaning effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team