How to make cape gooseberry jam berry

How to make cape gooseberry jam berry

Cape gooseberry berry – exotic culture which is grown up as an ornamental plant. Meanwhile fruits of cape gooseberry are very useful. This fruit contains vitamin C, amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral substances and beta carotene, possesses fragrant and tasty fruits. From cape gooseberry good jam which is used for a stuffing and decoration of confectionery, as an independent dessert turns out.

For preparation of jam from cape gooseberry it is better to use grades Pineapple, Confectionery, Marmalade and Strawberry. These grades differ in the expressed aroma which long remains at heat treatment. For preparation of desserts Take only ripe fruits, unripe berries will give bitterish smack. Jam turns out with unusual taste, beautiful and fragrant.

On 1 kg of cape gooseberry it is required: 1 kg of sugar, 500 ml of water.

Way of preparation:

  • Ripe berries of cape gooseberry clean from a box and wash out in hot water. Fill in with boiled water for 2-3 minutes, then throw back on a colander. As soon as water flew down, berries puncture in several places, for the best soaking with rum syrup.
  • In water fill up 500 g of sugar and cook syrup. As soon as sugar completely is dissolved, syrup is held on fire by 3-4 minutes, remove from fire and fill in berries. Cape gooseberry is drawn in syrup by 3 hours.
  • Then jam is put on average fire, fill the remained sugar, well mixed and cooked 10-15 minutes, removed from fire and 6 hours allow to stand.
  • After the second insisting, jam is cooked by 15-20 minutes, without forgetting to mix.
  • In the sterilized dry banks spill hot jam, roll up and place in storage.

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