How to make chak-chak

How to make chak-chak

Chak-chak - favourite delicacy of the Bashkir, Tatar and Kazakh cuisine. These fried pieces of a sweet dough which are filled in with a sugar or honey syrup sell in supermarkets. But they can be prepared and independently. Varying ingredients for the test and syrup, you will be able to change taste of a dish.

It is required to you

  • Chak-chak in Bashkir:
    • 3 glasses of flour;
    • 6 eggs;
    • salt;
    • 25 teaspoons of salt;
    • 1 glass of honey;
    • 3 glasses of sugar;
    • 5 glasses of water;
    • melted butter for hot fan.
    • Chak-chak in Kazakh:
    • 3 glasses of flour;
    • 7 eggs;
    • 25 glasses of milk;
    • 2 tablespoons of vodka;
    • 2 tablespoons of sugar;
    • 2 glasses of honey;
    • 25 glasses of water;
    • melted butter for frying.


1. Try to make chak-chak on Bashkir. Shake up eggs with salt in a deep bowl, pour into it flour and knead dough. It has to turn out rather dense, homogeneous and smooth. Divide a lump of the test for equal pieces, roll everyone in a plait. Big scissor it into small pieces - small pillows.

2. In a stewpan warm melted butter. In the portions place the cut dough there and quickly fry it till golden color. Lay out ready chak-chak in a colander or in the soup plate laid by paper towels that excess fat flew down.

3. In a small saucepan pour out honey, add water and sugar. You cook syrup until it gains golden color and viscosity. Cool it a little and fill in chak-chak. Mix delicacy that dough was completely covered with syrup, you will create it in the form of the hill and let's stiffen a little. Give together with a teapot of a freshly brewed black or green tea.

4. You can try also other option of chak-chak. The delicacy made according to such recipe is loved in Kazakhstan. Sift flour and pour out it in a big bowl. Mix eggs with milk, sugar and vodka. In the center of the flour hill make deepening and pour out in it liquid mix. Knead rather sloping dough - it has to become homogeneous and plastic, keeping softness.

5. Divide weight into several parts, twist everyone in a plait and cut small pieces. Warm melted butter in a stewpan and quickly fry in it chak-chak to a golden shade. A skimmer take out pieces of the test and put them on a paper towel that excess fat was absorbed in it.

6. Weld honey syrup with a small amount of water. It has to be rather dense. Lay out test pieces in a deep bowl and fill in them with honey syrup. Carefully mix, create in the form of the hill or other figure, decorate with candied fruits and cool.

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