How to make cold fruit punch

How to make cold fruit punch

Inviting to itself on a visit relatives, friends or acquaintances it is necessary to take care of snack and drink, as the last it is possible to make cold fruit punch. It represents the cool alcoholic drink consisting of mix of liqueur, wine, syrup and fruit. There is a mass of various recipes for cold fruit punch.

Cold fruit punch is the most suitable drink for hot season as during this season the relevance of cooling drink considerably increases. The name of drink came from French and is translated as "jug". By the way, give chilled cold fruit punch in a crystal vessel of a certain form with a soup ladle. Not bad wide glasses or glasses will be suitable for giving of a lung of alcoholic drink. To the taste cold fruit punch is similar to punch, but is served always cooled to 8-10os.

Melon cold fruit punch

For preparation of this drink you will need one big melon which should be cut across on two parts. Remove seeds and a special knife cut out small balls from melon pulp. Having cut out all pulp, pour out 30 ml of liqueur of "Melon", 20 ml of cognac, a half of a bottle of white dry wine in a melon half and fill a sugar tablespoon. Lay out balls from a melon there and mix, cover and remove for two hours in the fridge. Before giving of cold fruit punch to a table add a half of a bottle of champagne. This drink will be enough approximately for 5-7 portions.

"The garnet bracelet" For preparation of one portion is required to you one ripe pomegranate, make an incision and clean it. For preparation of cold fruit punch put grains of the fourth part of pomegranate in a vessel. Add 5 ml of a grenadine syrup and the same amount of orange liqueur and remove mix in a cold spot for 20 minutes. It was necessary to add 100 ml of a white table wine and 20 ml of mineral water (previously produce gas), add 50 ml of champagne. Tropical Nectar cold fruit punch For five portions you need to take one banana and a kiwi, small cut fruits and put in glass capacity. Add 50 ml of liqueur with taste of a kiwi and half of liter of a white table wine, insist in the cool place within 15 minutes. Then add 375 ml of the cooled champagne and pour in ware for giving. Decorate cold fruit punch with a branch of mint and the remained fruit.

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