How to make jam from mix of berries

How to make jam from mix of berries

"the jam season" began and we with pleasure cook own jam. Unique it is done by components, but rules of production of cooking are transferred to us from our grandmothers.

Refined recipes with addition of herbs, flowers, spices and alcohol will leave nobody indifferent. Be not afraid to mix strawberry with cardamom and pepper, currant with ginger and vanilla. It now the most fashionable direction in production of jam. Add to strawberry or cherry jam mint leaves at the end of cooking, and you are surprised to a new shade of favourite jam.

Emphasize taste of raspberry confiture with several drops of vanilla essence at the very end of cooking, having removed jam from fire. Combine raspberry and chocolate, having added shaving of dark chocolate (200 g on 1 kg of fruit) to jam during its insisting. At last, you can change taste of your jam, having replaced a quarter of amount of sugar with liquid honey.

Insisting of jam

Add a little lemon juice to jam during its insisting for color preservation of fruit. Cover a bowl with the sheet of parchment paper for prevention of skin formation on jam.

End of cooking

Is defined by a jam drop on a plate. If the droplet doesn't spread, it is possible to remove jam from fire.

Cooking preservation

Use sterile banks with screw covers. Fill them to the brim and twirl a hot cover. Turn to bank and leave for the night. You store in the cool place far from light.

Red berries jam with strawberry liqueur

On 4 or 5 jars:

  • 300 g of strawberry;
  • 300 g of raspberry;
  • 300 g of red currant;
  • 300 g of sweet cherry;
  • juice of one lemon;
  • 800 g of granulated sugar;
  • 70 ml of strawberry liqueur.

Wash and dry up strawberry, cut it on halves. Sort raspberry, without washing it. Peel currant from branches and wash out. Wash up sweet cherry, remove stones and branches.

Put fruit in a pan with granulated sugar, lemon juice and 400 ml of water. Bring to the boil and you cook on slow fire of 20-25 min., carefully mixing. Having checked readiness a drop on a plate, remove from fire and add liqueur. Spread out on jars immediately.

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