How to level hair color

How to level hair color

The abundance of modern means for coloring of hair constantly provokes to experiments. So often there is a wish to try something new, to considerably change image, to find new sides of the beauty. Unfortunately, not always similar experiments come to an end successfully. Because of numerous and frequent colourings the hair can gain not that color at all that it was planned. And it is especially unpleasant when paint lays down unevenly, allocating roots, the ends of hair with brighter shades.


  1. It is possible to level hair color in several ways. The choice of method depends on specific situation and initial condition of hair here. Also what result you want to achieve as a result matters: to return the natural color, to give to hair uniform shade or to achieve some absolutely certain tone.
  2. Very often uneven hair color turns out at repeated repeated coloring when new paint layers are applied on yet not descended previous. As a result roots of hair can differ considerably on flowers from tips, and separate locks to be beaten out by ugly feathers from overall picture. It is possible to solve this problem in two ways.
  3. If as a result of unsuccessful decolorization one part of hair was clarified more than another, it is possible to clarify repeatedly hair to full white state, that is to remove natural pigment, and then to paint them any desirable color. In this case new paint will lay down evenly and accurately on all length of hair.
  4. If there is no wish to torment hair with repeated decolorization, uneven coloring can be disguised by means of toning by more dark shade. In this case the masking paint should be selected according to the most dark sites of the hair. After coloring all hairstyle will look monophonic.
  5. Often the problem with unevenly dyed hair arises at otrashchivaniye of earlier clarified hair. Very unpleasantly and inaccurately the grown dark roots by contrast with the bleached tips look. In this situation it is necessary to use the paint, the most suitable on tone to color of the natural hair. It is important to remember that the decoloured ends are painted over at first, and in 15 minutes paint is applied on roots and evenly distributed on all length of hair. Such reception allows to receive the fine evenly dyed hair looking absolutely naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team