How to make meat with prunes in an oven

How to make meat with prunes in an oven

Meat with prunes in an oven can be cooked with addition of vegetables, cream, etc. These dried fruits are combined with all types of meat and perfectly disclose taste of mutton, pork and beef. Recipes can be supplemented according to the preferences.

It is required to you

  • - pork, salt, pepper, mustard, prunes, walnuts, vegetable oil, grated cheese, garlic and mayonnaise;
  • - beef, carrots, garlic, prunes, salt, pepper, spices, foil, onions, greens;
  • - mutton, prunes, carrots, onions, potatoes, sunflower oil, water, foil, pots, salt, pepper, mushrooms, grated cheese;
  • - pork, cream or sour cream, prunes, salt, pepper, water, a form for roasting, oil.


1. Prunes are the universal, tasty and useful product which is combined with any kinds of meat and also wine, cream, vinegar, etc. The most tasty dish on the basis of these two main products will be appropriate on a solemn table. And as will be delighted house if you prepare it not for a holiday, and for usual ordinary dinner that just to indulge them! Recipes for meat with prunes in an oven great variety, you can choose the most pleasant and train him constantly.

2. For preparation fingersfrom porkof with prunes it is necessary to cut 700 g of cutting pieces and to beat off on both sides. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Now cover a top side with chopped mustard and lay out on it 2-3 plums filled with walnuts. Curtail rolls and lay them on the baking tray oiled by vegetable. Cook rolls in an oven at a temperature of 180 °C of 40-50 minutes. In 5-10 minutes until ready lay out in them mix of the polished cheese crushed in the press of garlic and mayonnaise.

3. To make baked beef with prunes it is necessary to wash, dry and cut 1 kg of beef sirloin on portion pieces. To crush one carrots and two segments of garlic. 200 g of dried fruits to trouble boiled water and to allow to stand a little. After to drain water and to crush. On all surface of meat to make deep cuts, to salt and stuff it with prunes and vegetables. If there is desire, it is possible to grate meat with favourite spices. Fold a foil double, lay out on it an onions layer with greens, and then meat. From above again powder with onions with greens. It is necessary to bake in an oven at a temperature of 250-300 °C within 40-60 minutes.

4. The festive and rich dish in pots is cooked from mutton and prunes so: 800 g of mutton need to be cut on small portion pieces and to strew with favourite spices. Prunes in number of 300 g need to be crushed. Two carrots, 3 bulbs and 1 kg of potatoes to clean and chop. Fry meat in a frying pan to a ruddy crust, and having added to it onions with carrots, to extinguish a little. After that to attach prunes, to add a little water, to salt and extinguish even minutes 5. Then all contents of a frying pan should be shifted in pots, to add water on 2/3 pots, to cover with a foil and to remove in an oven for 1-1.5 hours, having turned the gate on a mark of 170 °C. You won't spoil a dish if in the recipe mushrooms and a grated cheese appear.

5. Gentle and extremely tasty meat can be received if to cook it with addition of cream or sour creams. Trouble 200 g of prunes hot water and leave for some time. About 700 g of pork neck should be boiled to semi-readiness in the added some salt water, to cool and cut with small pieces. Take out dried fruits from water and to cut small. The water which remained from them needs to be mixed from 400 g of cream or sour cream, to add salt and pepper to taste. A form for roasting to oil, lay out in it meat, prunes and to fill in with creamy mix. Bake at a temperature of 180 °C within half an hour.

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