How to make old jam wine

How to make old jam wine

Did you have jam and you don't know where to put it? The begun to ferment and old jam is usually thrown out, but we are able to give it the second life. Of course, is it it isn't necessary, and here to make domestic wine on joy to guests and relatives it is quite possible. Especially as there is a universal recipe according to which you with ease will make the begun to ferment jam wine.

It is required to you

  • - the begun to ferment or old jam - 1.5 kg,
  • - sugar - 1 St,
  • - boiled water - 1.5 l,
  • - raisin - 1 tablespoon.


1. In a glass vessel we put jam and a half of sugar on 3-5 liters, we fill in with warm boiled water, well we mix.

2. We establish a hydrolock on a vessel. If there is no hydrolock, then it is possible to use a national way - to put on a usual rubber glove a vessel. We leave mix for two weeks that a perebrodila. Each two days we stir mix in a vessel.

3. In two weeks we filter a mash through two layers of a gauze. We add the remained sugar to the filtered mash, we pour in a large bottle and we put to the dark cool place for two months.

4. Every week we make the procedure of removal of liquid from a deposit. For this purpose we take a thin hose or the call and by means of it carefully we pour liquid from one vessel in another. At transfusion it is necessary to watch that the tube didn't concern a bottom.

5. In two months we spill wine on clean dry bottles which are hermetically corked. If desired, we moisten each stopper with wine - this procedure reduces chance of hit of oxygen in a bottle. It is necessary to store wine in bottles in a prone position.

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