How to make plums compote

How to make plums compote

In August it is a high time to be engaged in preparation of compotes for the winter from apricots, apples, peaches and, of course, plums. You can cook compote from fruit of one look, and it is possible to make tasty and beautiful mix. The handful of cherry or steam of apples will give to plum compote special aroma.

It is required to you

  • Plums compote:
  • - 3 kg of plums;
  • - on 1 l of water of 300-400 g of sugar.
  • Compote mix:
  • - 1.5 kg of plums;
  • - 1-2 apples;
  • - glass of cherry;
  • - 800 g of sugar.


1. Compote from a slivprigotovta a sugar syrup for plums compote. For this purpose heat water, fill in it sugar at the rate on 1 l of water of 300 g. If plums at you sour, sugar it is possible to put more. Boil syrup.

2. Wash plums, destem. Put plums in the clean sterilized banks. The taste of compote will depend on amount of plums. You can fill banks almost completely, and you can only on one third. Fill in plums with syrup and cover banks with boiled tin covers.

3. Put on sterilization. For this purpose in advance heat in a big pan water approximately to syrup temperature in banks. It is necessary in order that glass didn't burst. Lower banks with compote in a pan. Again include fire and heat water to boiling then note time. 30 minutes of a cover later roll up.

4. Turn banks, cover with a blanket and leave before cooling. The next day remove ready compote with plums on storage, it is better to the cool place.

5. Kompot-assortichtoby to make compote mix, large red plums, couple of sweet fragrant apples, like Johnathan, and any cherry will be necessary for you. In advance prepare banks, for this purpose process their ferry. Boil covers.

6. Wash up fruit. Exempt plums from a stone, having cut in half. Cut apples on segments, remove core with seeds. Fill banks with fruit to a half. Heat water to boiling and pour in banks a baking plate a neck. Cover with covers. In 5 minutes drain water in a separate pan, pour sugar and bring to the boil. Fill in fruit with syrup and roll up banks. Turn upside down and wrap up for the best sterilization.

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