How to make rice in Japanese

How to make rice in Japanese

At the Japanese restaurants, not only sushi with rolls are good. There it is possible to try also tasty hot dishes. What is interesting, food traditionally is exposed to very short influence of high temperatures that allows to keep vitamins and nutritional value. Fish and meat can be pickled previously in a soy-bean sauce or white wine that gives them special flavoring shades, also pickling in vinegar is considered one of ways of disinfecting. Restaurant dishes can be repeated also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • nishika rice
    • seafood cocktail
    • vegetable oil
    • soy-bean sauce
    • egg
    • sesame
    • green onions.


1. Grades of the Japanese rice differ from Indian or Asian not only a form (kruglozerny), but also the fact that they more damp, sticky and sweet. Therefore for cooking of rice the smaller amount of water is used, than it is habitual. Boil rice the same as for making sushi, and having wetted its washout carefully in several waters for 20 minutes before cooking. Proportions of rice and water hardly reach value 1:1 though write in some sources that waters has to be on 1/5 (or 20%) more, than rice. The only thing that doesn't need to be done after cooking of rice, so it to involve it with rice sauce.

2. Prepare for frying seafood – cocktail shrimps, mussels, mini-octopuses, rings of squids – everything that will like (it is possible to buy seafood cocktail in hypermarket). Defreeze them and dry a paper/linen towel. On average expect the number of 100 g for the portion, but proportions of seafood and rice can be varied, proceeding from own flavoring preferences.

3. Heat a deep frying pan, pour in it a little vegetable oil, let's it get warm well. Fry in the heated oil seafood within literally 2-3 minutes. Seafood can't be fried long but only quickly to fry – it keeps their nutritional value.

4. Add already boiled rice calculated on the basis of 100-150 g for the portion and also own taste. Fry, stirring slowly, within a minute, then water with a soy-bean sauce – a little, to taste. Cover and still extinguish 2 minutes. Long products with a soy-bean sauce don't hold on fire as sauce quickly begins to burn. If you consider that seafood isn't ready yet – fry them slightly longer. Add sauce right at the end.

5. Lay out rice in a misochashka (kosushka, a big drinking bowl, a soup plate). Cover that didn't cool down. Fry omelet. For this purpose break egg, slightly stir it (strongly it isn't necessary to shake up). Fry in the heated frying pan oiled or in the form of pancake, only on the one hand (then in a ready-to-eat meal tear it on pieces), or constantly stirring slowly, to light readiness, only that egg rose and grabbed, without being overdried.

6. Add omelet to already ready rice, slightly mix, strew from above with a sesame seed and obliquely (in an Asian way) - the cut green onions. Fried rice with seafood – сифудо but тяхан, is ready!

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