How to make tasty strawberry jam

How to make tasty strawberry jam

Strawberry by right is considered the queen of garden berries. It differs not only excellent taste, but also contains antioxidants and various vitamins. It is no wonder that many hostesses try to cook strawberry jam that in the winter it reminded of summer.

For preparation of strawberry jam it will be required:

- 2 kg of selected small berries of strawberry;

- 2 kg of granulated sugar;

- the enameled pan or a basin.

We cook strawberry jam

1. Before preparation of jam it is very important to prepare berries. Strawberry needs to be chosen ripe, medium-sized, whole, without damages. Save the chosen berries from sepals and wash out 2-3 times in cool water.

Important! The most tasty jam turns out from small ripe berries of the identical size.

2. The washed-up berries need to be placed in capacity for cooking and to fill up with granulated sugar. Then to leave berries approximately for 5 hours that juice was emitted.

3. The pan with strawberry needs to be put on a plate, having included moderate fire. Bring jam to the boil and boil 4-5 minutes.

Helpful advice: that strawberry jam was dense, when cooking vinegar or lemon juice add 9% (1 tablespoon on 1 kg of berries).

4. Then capacity from a plate to remove and put to cool down in the dark place. On it 11-12 hours usually are required.

5. After full cooling the process needs to be repeated: again to bring to the boil and to boil thoroughly berries of 5 minutes.

6. After the second cooking also to remove capacity to cool down for 10-12 hours.

7. The third cooking is carried out as well as two previous. After readiness of jam it is a little cooled and spilled in the prepared sterilized banks and closed covers. 

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