How to pickle a shish kebab in wine

How to pickle a shish kebab in wine

Soon summer – a time of picnics, campaigns to mountains or to the forest. The shish kebab is considered invariable attribute of such rest. There is a huge number of ways of preparation of meat for this dish. For example, it can be pickled in wine.

It is required to you

  • 2 kg of pork;
    • 3 bulbs;
    • 4 garlic gloves;
    • 1 big tomato;
    • kiwi;
    • apple;
    • 5 l of wine;
    • 1 tablespoons of salt;
    • black sprinkling pepper;
    • curry pepper;
    • cumin;
    • vegetable oil;
    • weak solution of vinegar.
    • For sauce:
    • 1 cups of tomato juice;
    • vegetable oil;
    • fennel;
    • parsley;
    • джусай;
    • small bulb;
    • 1 garlic glove;
    • black sprinkling pepper;
    • curry pepper.


1. Cut meat square pieces. Try to make them identical size. Put in deep ware, for example, a pan. For a shish kebab it is better to take fresh yet not frozen pulp of pork and to cut it on pieces about 3 × 3 cm.

2. Cut onions with rings, small chop garlic or miss via the garlic press. Crush tomato, apple and a kiwi on small slices.

3. Mix vegetables and fruit with meat. Salt, well mix and you remember hands that juice was emitted. From above water with a small amount of vegetable oil.

4. Add to structure of spice – pepper, a curry and cumin. It is also possible to use special mix of barbecue seasonings.

5. Now fill in meat with wine. It is necessary that it hardly covered pork pieces. That the shish kebab turned out with a pungent flavor and was fragrant, it is necessary to take domestic wine from red berries. If it is absent near at hand, use cahors wine.

6. Cover a pan with meat and put in the fridge. It has to be pickled, at least, a night.

7. Then take out meat from wine structure. Get pork pieces on skewers. For beauty and a variety of taste meat can be alternated to segments of tomato or some other vegetable.

8. Now it is possible to fry a shish kebab. That meat was soft and juicy, during frying water it with weak solution of vinegar. Not important, you prepare a shish kebab outdoors on a brazier, or in house conditions by means of the vertical BBQ grill - the taste of a dish will be excellent.

9. It is possible to make sauce for a shish kebab. In a stewpan warm vegetable oil. Small chop fennel, parsley, джусай, garlic, onions. Slightly fry greens and onions in oil.

10. Fill in all with a glass of tomato juice. Bring to the boil and reduce fire. Add garlic, black pepper, a curry to sauce, salt to taste. Wait when tomato juice thickens, remove from a plate and cool. Pour sauce on small bowls and together with a shish kebab give to a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team