How to pickle shrimps

How to pickle shrimps

Shrimps are a part of a set of dishes. These are salads and soups, risotto and a paella, pastes and pizzas, French teem also the Chinese dumplings. They aren't less tasty and "solo". Marinated shrimps on a grill in the Thai or Japanese style will decorate any holiday table, the menu of romantic evening, but nobody prevents to make for you this delicacy just like that because you wanted something tasty.

It is required to you

  • Marinated shrimps in the Japanese style
    • 2 big bulbs shallot;
    • 1 (5 centimetric) piece of fresh ginger;
    • 4 garlic gloves;
    • 3 / 4 cups of a soy-bean sauce;
    • 4 limes;
    • 2 tablespoons of a refiner syrup;
    • 1 / 4 cups of the cut green onions;
    • 1 / 4 glasses of peanut butter;
    • 1 / 4 teaspoons of ground black pepper;
    • 1 kilogram of "royal" shrimps.
    • Marinated shrimps in the Thai style
    • 24 "royal" shrimps;
    • 2 cups of coconut milk;
    • 4 limes;
    • 1 / 4 glasses of the Thai fish sauce;
    • 1 tablespoon of paste of a tamarind;
    • 4 garlic gloves;
    • 1 (5 centimetric) ginger root;
    • 1 tablespoon of salt;
    • 6 bamboo skewers.


1. Marinated shrimps in the Japanese style. Cut a bulb rings, a root of ginger to clean and rub, garlic to clean and pass through a chesnokodavka. To squeeze out about ½ glasses of juice of a lime.

2. Put onions, ginger, garlic and sugar in the blender, to pour a soy-bean sauce and juice of a lime. Mix before receiving homogeneous mass. Add the cut green onions and peanut butter and mix everything together. Season with a black pepper to taste. The cleaned shrimps to place in a big bowl, to fill in with marinade and to leave to be pickled at the room temperature within 20 minutes.

3. Warm a grill. Get shrimps from marinade and grillirovat from one and a half to 2 minutes from each party.

4. Marinated shrimps in the Thai stiles of a lime to remove a dried peel and to squeeze out juice. Clean and crush garlic. A root of ginger to clean and grate.

5. Mix a lime dried peel, fresh juice of a lime, the crushed garlic, polished ginger, tamarind paste, to add the Thai fish sauce and to fill in with coconut milk. Salt. Shake up a nimbus.

6. Place shrimps in a big polyethylene zip package for storage of foodstuff. Fill in with marinade of a shrimp and seal a package. Let's shrimps be pickled at the room temperature within 30 minutes. Periodically overturning a package. At this time it is necessary to wet bamboo skewers in warm water.

7. Warm a grill. Get shrimps from marinade and string on 4 on a skewer and postpone. Grease a grill with a small amount of vegetable oil. Prepare shrimps three minutes from each party. Give hot.

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