How to prepare wood mushrooms

How to prepare wood mushrooms

Wood mushrooms bring the enzymes called perforina in a human body. At their shortcoming from abnormal cages tumors develop. This species of mushrooms is widespread in China. They can be found in our shops in a dry form. Wood mushrooms can be stored in the cool place very long. They resemble the charred paper superficially. Wood mushrooms have aroma of smoke and dust. But as soon as you wet them water, the smell will at once disappear. This species of mushrooms is capable to increase in volume by 6 – 8 times. Even the small piece of a mushroom can incorporate 250 ml of water. Black wood mushrooms usually use for preparation of fried and stewed dishes and also add them and to soup. They are useful to health: clean a liver and kidneys, bring slags out of an organism. There is a lot of recipes for wood mushrooms.

It is required to you

  • dry wood mushrooms (1 box);
    • vinegar (several drops);
    • onion (one big head);
    • vegetable oil (50gr.);
    • garlic (3 cloves);
    • salt (1 pinch).


1. Open dry mushrooms. Take a small saucepan. Put wood mushrooms in ware and fill in with boiled water for one hour. Add several drops of vinegar to water. Wait until mushrooms bulk up and will reveal. Then salt them.

2. Take onions, clean it. Then on a frying pan pour vegetable oil. Take a cut board and cut largely onions. After the frying pan heats up, fry onions to a light flush.

3. After mushrooms bulked up, take out them from water. Put in a colander, then wash out. Take a pinch of salt and salt mushrooms.

4. After that fill in them with the boiling fried vegetables and carefully mix. Add three zubk of davleny garlic. Again mix and put to cool down. Mushrooms are ready-to-serve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team