How to refrain from junk food

How to refrain from junk food

As a rule, junk food promotes emergence of excess weight that leads to a number of problems with health. To refrain from consumption of food of this type, make the correct food allowance. Thus, you won't need excess, unnecessary having a snack.


1. Use the following products as having a snack, having replaced junk food: fruit yoghourts without synthetic additives and fragrances, fruit and vegetables, small loafs (grain and from a coarse flour), low-fat cottage cheese, soy products. As drink give preference to a green tea. This list as much as possible minimizes a calorie intake and will perfectly satisfy feeling of hunger.

2. Eat not less than three times a day. You remember: the breakfast provides you with energy for all day, supports the normal level of sodium and sugar in blood. The correct and healthy food since morning will adjust your organism on a right way throughout the day.

3. Replace sugar with fructose or have tea in a prikuska with dried fruits.

4. Before a visit of shop be surely supported. You don't go to large supermarkets to a hungry stomach. So you risk to gather harmful products for the fastest satisfying of feeling of hunger (semi-finished products, chips, sweeties, carbonated drinks, etc.).

5. Buy only fresh products. They will provide your organism with necessary vitamins and minerals. With a big expiration date of minerals contains in products much less.

6. Don't forget to use enough liquid. Well if it is pure drinking water. The lack of liquid of an organism can rouse you to consumption of the aerated and alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc.

7. Cook juice from fruit and vegetables independently. The offered ready-made products contain a lot of sucrose, harmful to our organism. Besides, the juice presented on counters of shops isn't always so useful.

8. At preparation of dishes replace salt with various spices. Thus you will avoid a delay of fat and water in an organism and increases in blood pressure. You remember: hot spices brake feeling of saturation by food.

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