How to remove bitterness from fish soup

How to remove bitterness from fish soup

Fish soup - one of the most beloved dishes of fishermen. As it is pleasant to sit at a fire, stirring slowly with it in a kettle, tasty rich. But sometimes you face that this dish turns out not such tasty if broth tastes bitter. That fish soup didn't become bitter. it is necessary to cook it by certain rules.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of a fresh fish
    • 2 average bulbs
    • 4 garlic gloves
    • parsley root
    • bay leaf
    • pepper fragrant and peas
    • salt (it is better stone)
    • pan or kettle
    • water 2.5 liters


1. Before starting production of fish soup, decide what fish you will use. Best of all the ruff and a perch are suitable for classical fish soup. Fish surely rinse a clear water. If you use very small small fish, then it isn't obligatory to clean her, and fish of average size needs to be drawn and to wash out once again. Don't forget to remove completely gills – they give to fish soup bitterness. Surely remove eyes – because of them broth will be hazy.

2. Put the prepared fish in a pan or a kettle, fill in with cold water, add the peeled roots, largely cut onions and you cook on slow fire of 40-60 minutes.

3. In 10 minutes prior to the end of cooking put bay leaf, pepper and salt. In 10 minutes filter ready broth. If you want to clarify broth, add some pressed or black granular caviar. For this purpose pound 50 g of caviar in a mortar, gradually adding cold water. Eventually, it is necessary to part caviar in a glass of cold water, then to add a glass of hot fish soup, to stir and pour out gradually in a pan with fish soup: after you pour in the first portion, fish soup has to begin to boil, then pour in the rest.

4. When fish soup begins to boil again, uncover, and you cook on small fire of 15-20 minutes, then switch off fire and let's fish soup stand 10-15 minutes.

5. Before giving filter fish soup, pour on plates and put on a piece of boiled fish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team