How to use burdock oil

How to use burdock oil

Burdock oil is a curative natural source of useful substances. Knowing as it is correct to apply it, it is possible to look after hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and even face skin.

Burdock oil contains the mass of useful properties for this reason it is often applied in cosmetology and medicine. It is used in treatment of hair, strengthening them and preventing loss. In eyelash care, improving their growth and protecting an eyelid skin from irritation. But besides, oil is an effective remedy on face skin care. With addition of burdock oil it is possible to do miracle masks, lotions and to add it to usual cream.

Use of burdock oil in hair care

Oil is applied in the form of rubbing in in roots of hair or as a mask. It is possible to rub burdock oil after hair are combed. After roots are greased, it is necessary to distribute by means of a hairbrush oil on all length of hair. Then put on a cellophane hat the head and wrap it in a towel. It becomes in order that by means of thermal effect to strengthen effect of useful substances. Hair can be washed away in an hour, but if to leave oil on hair on all night long, the advantage of this process will only increase. However it is necessary to rub burdock oil no more than 2 times a week.

With addition of burdock oil remarkable masks for hair turn out. There is enough in a usual mask, even purchased, to add 4-5 drops of oil and it will become much more effective. But it is possible to do habitual masks, for example, with black bread or a yolk and just to add to them 2-3 drops of "magic" oil. Burdock oil not only strengthens a hair, but also helps to get rid of dandruff.

How to use burdock oil

As this product natural and concentrated, it is necessary to use it carefully. Burdock oil helps with fight against heat-spots and eels, but it is possible to apply it pointwise, only on reddenings with a Q-tip. Having sustained 10 minutes, surplus needs to be removed a cotton pad or to wipe a napkin. If to add oil to cream, shampoo or a mask, then there is enough 3-5 drops, depending on means volume. On eyelashes, eyebrows or a nail plate oil is applied with a thin layer, the cotton wool which is previously moistened in it.

Use of burdock oil in face skin care

Oil can be added to any masks, face cream and to do of it lotions. Lotion for giving to skin of elasticity can be prepared independently from any herbal extract, for example, from a calendula, a camomile, or a celandine. Several drops of burdock oil are added to infusion and lotion is ready. It is necessary to apply it cotton wool to face skin. Such procedure will remove all reddenings and will level complexion. In the same way all masks and person baths are preparing. For example, if the woman has oily skin, then the bath with a camomile and burdock oil will help to narrow pores. She prepares so: it is necessary to add 3 drops of burdock oil to the container with hot broth from a camomile. The head should be inclined over a bath and to cover with a towel that broth quickly didn't cool down. It is necessary to carry out the procedure 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to tell that besides that burdock oil in itself is an effective remedy, it is possible to double action, combining it with other natural components. For example, curative herbs, honey or other oils.

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