In how many days, sauerkraut is ready

In how many days, sauerkraut is ready

The sauerkraut made by own hands on the checked recipe always turns out the most tasty. The only minus of a dish - they can't regale in day of preparation, it is completely ready only several days later.

That cabbage was fermented/was salted, at the same time didn't turn sour, and she could be moved away to the cool place on storage, it is important to carry out the procedure of fermentation competently. As for terms when vegetable can already be eaten, this factor depends on three components:

  • cabbage grades;
  • amounts of salt;
  • temperature condition.

Now is a little more detailed about each factor. So, late-ripening vegetables, ideal option - a white cabbage of rounded flat grades best of all are suitable for fermentation. The fact is that these grades are the most juicy, at fermentation they emit a lot of juice.

Salt is an important component at a pickles, the taste of a ready-made product, duration of its storage depends on its quantity. It is considered that the most optimum amount of salt for fermentation - 2% of cabbage weight, that is on one kilogram of the chopped vegetables are the best of all to take 20 grams of salt (about a tablespoon).

As for temperature condition, fermentation best of all proceeds at the room temperature of 20-22 degrees. The endurance at more high or low temperatures can negatively affect a product, and in certain cases at all spoil viands. Usually, if all three above-mentioned factors are observed, then 5-6 days later cabbage is ready-to-serve, she can be moved away on storage during cold. It is rather simple to check readiness of a product - it is necessary to put a little cabbage in a bowl and to try it if it has saltish and sourish smack, at the same time crackles, then it is necessary to leave it for about three hours at the room temperature without brine. Completely fermented cabbage will remain same crunchy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team