In what country of the world produce the best wines

In what country of the world produce the best wines

The person, most inexperienced in wine-making craft, on a question in what country produce the best wines, without deliberating, will answer – in France. French wines received such glory thanks to the with anything to incomparable abundance of flavoring notes, refined aromas and thorough quality control of a ready-made product. Vineyards grow in many regions of France that is promoted by the Mediterranean climate.

Feature of French wines

The history of cultivation of vineyards in the territory of France originates since B.C. This time became enough for improvement of production technologies of wine. Selectors removed elite grades of grapes which were appreciated by court society, and over time France became the country where for the first time began to grow up a rare and whimsical grade of Keknyelu grapes and also Karmener.

The French very much are proud origin and with special awe honor the traditions that finds reflection in production of drink of gods – wine. Paying a tribute to the past, the best wines are still produced in Alsace, Provence, Burgundy and in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux wineries are located in cellars of the ancient castles which are called "шато". It is considered to be that each lock possesses own history, and the wine produced in its territory has the special flavoring scale which is generously decorated with aroma of flowers and herbs. Originality of these wines is supported with a special form of a bottle with deep dredging for a characteristic wine deposit. Emphasized honoring of wine in France found reflection in specially framed code of laws concerning this drink. On top of a wine Olympus of the French provided their uncompromising requirements to high-quality structure of wines and production technologies.

Main competitors of French wines

It is necessary that the palm in fight for the right to be considered as the producer of the best wines in the world after France belongs to Italy and Spain. Nothing could change it until several wine makers didn't prove the return. Interesting the fact that Spaniards pervymiizmenit this paradigm. At the time the Spanish wine makers paid attention to favorable arrangement of Chile, whose grounds which are between the ridge and oceanic winds, were as if are framed for cultivation of vineyards. The rumor began to extend, and the French decided to share the some grades of grapes as an experiment. But there was an unforeseen event which changed the course of the wine industry in Chile radically. Epidemic the phylloxera which happened in the 17th century in France ruined all local vineyards. The only rescue was to take out the grapes saplings which remained untouched then to resume winemaking. The enterprising wine maker Silvester Ochagaviya chose as the donor country of Chile and took out there a set of species of saplings including the most rare and favourite grade at the Royal Court – Karmener. Epidemic terminated, and the French began to grow up vineyards anew. But not all grades took root, Karmener didn't become an exception also. Selectors pored over this grade, but it didn't begin to grow in the original state. Today, the only country which can brag of growth in the territory of the greatest Karmener-Chile grapes in the history of a grade. Wines of this country are recognized around the world by the saturated and astringent flavor which as if narrates in the aftertaste about temperament of the Chilean nation. Cheap compensation of the Chilean plowmen and ideal conditions for cultivation of a vineyard made some of the most tasty wines of the world available at the price for a wide range of buyers. The most known type of the Chilean wines – Cabernet.

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