What will tell a way of eating of pizza about the person

What will tell a way of eating of pizza about the person

How the person eats pizza, can tell a lot of things of his character and the personality in general. Allocate four types. What of them you?

Many of us ate pizza, but very few people thought that the way of its eating can tell a lot of things about the identity of the person. To such opinion the researcher Patti Wood came. She allocated four ways to eat pizza of which it is possible to make idea of the person.

1. Tableware

The person who uses tableware, self-sacrificing and reliable. Friends can always count on its help. People who eat pizza with a fork and a knife are perceived by the environment as those who are organized and loves an order. They are also predictable on various issues. Are counterbalanced, consecutive, in everything love an order, conventions are important for them. Try to control a situation always. It is interesting that they most often choose one type of pizza.

2. Classically – from pizza "tip" to a crust

The most widespread way to eat pizza, it is frequent in advertizing and movies it flashes. Such person is observant. He likes stability and safety. He looks at people around, watches closely them, notices details. He is that person who is guided in life by the principles. At the same time I am careful, true and devoted. Most of all perfectionists occur among them.

3. Begin with a crust

If the person begins to eat pizza from a crust, he is the real individualist. It has an idea of life, watches global trends, and at times and itself of establishes. Likes to be the focus of attention, noisy and often emotional. People can perceive it as "king of the drama" because loves a hysterics and panic and also to draw attention to themselves. And the way of eating of pizza is chosen not just like that - will unambiguously draw attention! The subconsciousness speaks about desire to eat pizza entirely and, the main thing, at once. This person can be okharektizovat one phrase: "here and now".

4. As sandwich

If puts a piece of pizza a stuffing inside as sandwich, this person the real rebel! It doesn't like restrictions, hates adapting to the existing rules. He doesn't think of consequences, not too you analyze what occurs around and that it does. Seek to be always the best in everything. This personality doesn't spend time for nonsense, and just goes towards the aim. That case when eat to live, and not vice versa.

At the same time, this group shows high level of responsibility. Besides, putting a piece of pizza in half, the person shows the practicality. Pizza will be eaten quicker and more accurately, from it the stuffing won't fall and rules of decency are completely followed.

And therefore to know the person better, just invite him to pizza.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team