Kay milk is more useful: cow or goat

Kay milk is more useful: cow or goat

Cow's or goat milk – one of the first products with which the person gets acquainted after breast milk. Use milk of animal origin or soy people can throughout all life. And that drink brought a benefit maximum for health, it is necessary to know what product has more advantages – goat or cow's milk.

Around the world goat milk is recognized as the most useful. Because of its low allergenicity and good comprehensibility milk which goats give is recommended for baby food. If to trust legends and myths of Ancient Greece, the Thunderer Zeus was raised by means of goat milk. And if to compare a cow milk to goat on the content of valuable substances, becomes clear why the second is more popular.

Advantages of goat milk

Any milk is valuable the content of vitamins, minerals, however in the product given by goats, it is more calcium, vitamin A, protein. And in it there is less cholesterol though caloric content will be lower at cow's milk. It is proved that fats of goat milk are better acquired, it is digested quicker and can be used for dietary, baby food. The comprehensibility of goat milk is caused by lack of agglutinins because of what fat globules in a product don't stick together. At hit in a stomach of a squirrel of a product form gentle clots because of what milk doesn't irritate mucous.

Goat milk can be used at pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, diseases of biliary tract. This dairy product is recommended at bronchial asthma, liver diseases, colitis, migraines, acute inflammations, a depression. Medicinal properties of milk of goats are explained by the use animals of plants with astringent effect. Drink can even stop bleedings.

Differences between cow's and goat milk

In goat milk there are more fats – about 10 g on one glass, in cow – 8-9 g. It is necessary to remember that it is much simpler to buy low-fat or skim cow's milk, goat traditionally part with water. In cow's milk there is a little more lactose – 4.7%, and in goat this parameter is 4.1%. Therefore people with light intolerance of lactose can use milk of a goat. Most often goat milk is recommended to drink that who has an allergy to a cow milk. But it is impossible to speak about full hypoallergenicity of a product which goats give. It is established that in goat milk in comparison with cow is four times more than copper, for 134% – potassium. And in milk of goats there is more folic acid – by 10 times, vitamin B content - 12 is five times higher. The uniqueness of goat milk is that this product possesses more mild flavor, than cow. The fresh milk of goats remains fresh thanks to bactericidal properties longer, milch animals have immunity to tuberculosis therefore their milk is used for treatment of this disease because of the maintenance of antibodies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team