On a threshold winter – on a table persimmon

On a threshold winter – on a table persimmon

Tropical flora presented us many fleshy fruits which curative structure warns and fights against a set of diseases. Among such "natural doctors" and persimmon. The range of its useful impacts on a human body is so wide that this bright orange berry occupies one of leading places in a diet of healthy food.

Useful properties

  • Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, persimmon protects an organism from cold and flu. Therefore during the winter period near honey, a lemon and raspberry jam a reservation should be made also for persimmon.
  • This berry will help you and with delicate problems. The natural fiber and water which are contained in "chocolate" fruits have soft laxative impact on intestines.
  • The fleshy tropical fruit will help with prevention and treatment of diseases of kidneys and clarification of a liver and an organism in general from toxins. Persimmon is rich with calcium and potassium and acts as magnificent diuretic.
  • Persimmon will save hypertensive persons from pressure jumps and illnesses of heart. One of recipes of the effective consumption of persimmon suggests to mix persimmon pulp with milk and to accept such mix three times a week.
  • That who dreams of a slim figure experts recommend to include persimmon in the diet. As well as any vegetable or fruit, it has the minimum caloric content and promotes improvement of exchange processes in an organism.
  • Scientists didn't invent a universal elixir of youth yet, but the nature presented many assistants in fight against wrinkles. Persimmon also concerns them. It is rich with carotene (vitamin A) which is the key to healthy skin. A universal fruit it is useful not only is, but also to do of it cosmetic masks. One of recipes includes persimmon pulp, a vitellus and several drops of lemon juice.  
  • Bright orange berry is rich also with magnesium which is one of useful bricks of strengthening of nervous and vascular systems, and helps to cope with stresses and insomnia.
  • Persimmon – a natural immunomodulator and a power source. It is useful for athletes to use it with high physical activities and also at prevention and treatment of hemophilia, cancer and other dangerous diseases.


  • Persimmon shouldn't be used to the people who underwent an operation on abdominal organs. Substance the tannin which is contained in astringent persimmon can promote emergence of intestinal impassability.
  • The people having gastritis should choose persimmon with care. Because of astringencies this berry can negatively affect a stomach and provoke the next attack. If desire to eat persimmon is big, it is necessary to choose pulpy, "chocolate" fruits.
  • Because of the increased concentration of sucrose, persimmon it isn't necessary to be fond of sick diabetes.

Balance can be found in confrontation of advantage and harm of persimmon nevertheless. Persimmon it is possible and it is necessary to include in a diet, but in moderate quantities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team