Recipes of a fruit candy

Recipes of a fruit candy

During a berry and fruit season it is a high time to prepare a fruit candy for the winter. In it pectins, minerals, many vitamins remain, and the pleasant sweet-sour flavor does this ancient delicacy by a remarkable treat.

Fruit candy from apples

Well wash out ripe apples and cut on pieces, without rinding. Lay the cut apples in a pan with a thick bottom or a cauldron and put in the oven which is warmed up up to 90 degrees. It is possible to razvarivat apples on naked flame, but in this case add a glass of water that weight didn't burn to ware. Apples not to stir slowly until they completely are softened. Wipe ready weight through a sieve, shift puree in the enameled capacity with a wide bottom and well shake up within 15 minutes. Add sugar, the beaten egg whites (0.65 kg of sugar and 4 proteins on 1.2 kg of apples) and continue to shake up weight until ready (the drop doesn't spread on a saucer). Shift ready weight in the baking sheets or low wooden trays covered with parchment paper, and you dry in an oven at a temperature of 60-70 degrees within 10-12 hours. Instead of pergament it is possible to use the dense white paper for printers oiled. Readiness of a fruit candy is checked, having thrust in it a match. If the match remains dry, the fruit candy is ready. Cut a fruit candy on pieces, lay in clean dry banks and roll up metal covers.

Plum and apple fruit candy

For this fruit candy you will need to mix the apple puree (30%) made as it is described above, and plum (70%). Cut ripe plums and exempt from stones. With a wide bottom pour water on 2-3 cm into the enameled ware, put plums and you cook on small fire no more than 10 minutes until fruits are softened. Wipe hot plums through a sieve and and well mix with apple puree. Add sugar at the rate of 0.65 g of sugar on 1 kg of puree and you cook on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly until weight decreases in volume by 1.5-2 times. Dry the same as an apple fruit candy.

Fruit candy from raspberry

Shift ripe raspberry in capacity with thick walls, cover and put in the oven heated to 70 degrees. When berries steam out, you potolkit them a wooden masher and wipe through a sieve. Put raspberry puree on weak fire, add sugar (0.5 kg of sugar on 1 kg of berries) and you cook, constantly stirring slowly until weight decreases in volume by 1.5-2 times. Lay out a ready fruit candy in the boxes covered with an oil paper and deliver for drying in a warm oven or to the sun. In the latter case cover boxes with a gauze so that it didn't concern a fruit candy. Strew ready delicacy with icing sugar and you store in the dry cool place. It is possible to cut a fruit candy on pieces and to roll up in glass jars a baking plate metal covers.

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