Recipes of original kvass

Recipes of original kvass

On assurances of many, kvass was cooked in Ancient Egypt. But in Russia it became national drink. Made of a barley and rye malt, it has bright taste, is capable to load with cheerfulness, normalizes exchange processes in a human body, influences favorably a cardiovascular system. So why not to make this useful refreshing drink, but not according to the classical recipe, and having made it original?

The recipe dairy kvasamolochny kvass is prepared simply, it will strike you with the original taste. It is recommended to all fans of milk.

It will be required to us: - 50 g of yeast;

- The 5th liter of milk; - 220 g of sugar. Mix sugar with milk, bring to the boil. Cool to room temperature. Part yeast with a small amount of warm milk, pour in cooled milk, stir. Cover ware with a cover, remove to the warm place, start up kvass wanders hours six. Then pour it on bottles, remove to the cool town for a dobrazhivaniye and endurance.

The recipe lemon квасаДля fans of a kislenky lemon can be offered original lemon kvass which perfectly refreshes and helps to strengthen immunity. It will be required to us: - 500 g of sugar; - 150 ml of juice of a lemon; - 4.5 liters of water; - 220 g of raisin; - cinnamon pinch. Pour sugar into water, bring to the boil, cool, pour in lemon juice, add cinnamon and the divorced yeast. Stir, remove mix for five hours to the warm place. Pour ready drink on bottles in which it is necessary to spread out raisin. You store in a cold spot. It is desirable to allow lemon kvass to infuse within three days. The recipe currant kvasaletny option of the refreshing and very useful kvass. Here you shouldn't wait long until it infuses. It will be required to us: - 30 g of yeast; - 1 kg blackof currants; - 4 liters of water; - 500 g of sugar. Crush berries in a mortar, fill in with hot water, bring to the boil. Insist two hours, then filter liquid, connect to the diluted yeast (to dilute in warm water). Pour sugar, remove for day, pour on bottles, densely a zakuporta. In twelve hours it is possible to drink ready currant kvass.

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