Than are useful and whether harm of milts of salmons is exaggerated

Than are useful and whether harm of milts of salmons is exaggerated

All of us seek to eat tasty and great. The diet has to be balanced and full, and it means that at it there has to be a various food.

Nobody will argue with the fact that fish is one of the most useful products, and especially salmon types which are appreciated even more the nutritious qualities and rich vitamin structure.

And here that milts of these fishes are not less useful, than their pulp, not everyone knows therefore today we will clear in what their value for whom they are useful and as them to prepare to receive not only useful, but also very tasty dish.

Milts call testicles of males. At the time of maturing they are painted in white or dairy color, for as received the name.

If to abstract from the fact that it is fish sperm, and to switch to that how many the benefit can bring this product to a human body, there is obvious the fact that he is capable not only to help to cope with various diseases, but also to prevent them.

And all this thanks to unique structure as at milts there is a set of vitamins and mineral substances. Let's consider them in more detail.

Important! Milts of salmon have to be present at a diet of people with the lowered immunity, diseases of an endocrine system, at violations of work of a GIT, problems with vessels and also the broken metabolism.

Milts contain group B vitamins, namely B1, B2, B6 and B12 which are useful to a brain and nervous system and also to skin, hair and nails. In addition in a product there are many vitamins A, C, PP and E.

Group B vitamins also contain in eggs, nuts, potatoes, onions, carrots, dried apricots, milk and cheese.

The mineral structure of this product is also very saturated: at it there are a calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. All this is daily necessary for the person for good health.

Besides that milts of salmon differ in good vitamin and mineral structure, they also low-calorie and at the same time very nutritious. They contain a lot of protein (12–17 g), enough fats (1.5-2 g) and the minimum quantity of carbohydrates (0.1-0.8 g). Also polyunsaturated and monounsaturated acids are their part.

We recommend to you to esteem about useful and harmful properties of such food as white loaf, a sea cabbage, lentil, pearl barley, pumpkin, corn, a sesame seed, peanut butter, curry seasoning, a red guelder-rose, a celery, a girasol, ginger.

If regularly to use milts of salmons, it is possible to revitalize the organism and to increase efficiency of functioning of some of its bodies and systems.

Important! Milts of salmons can be compared on advantage to cod-liver oil as the amount of polyunsaturated acids in 100 g of a product exceeds 10%.

  1. Acts as an immunomodulator.
  2. Promotes strengthening of teeth and bones.
  3. Helps to regulate sugar level in blood.
  4. Strengthens effect of some medicines.
  5. It is effective in fight against a stress, depression and a depression.
  6. Promotes fast removal of alcohol from an organism.
  7. Has protective effect from ultraviolet rays.
  8. Helps to normalize work of a liver.
  9. Favorably influences a brain, slowing down dying off of its cages.
  10. Helps to control amount of visceral fats.
  11. It is applied to prevention of a SARS and catarrhal diseases.
  12. Increases potency at men.
  13. Possesses anti-inflammatory action.
  14. It is capable to improve a condition of skin, at external application has the bleaching properties.
  15. Positively influences blood formation.
  16. Increases endurance to physical activities.
  17. It is effective at treatment of atherosclerosis.

Milts of salmons are considered as one of the most dietary products which is actively used in healthy food. It is saturated with vitamins and minerals, and the most important, contains a minimum of calories.

For growing thin, athletes and people who watch the weight and health is an ideal food as from it quickly there occurs saturation, the organism receives all necessary useful substances and enough protein correctly to function and to overtire.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn more about healthy food namely what proportions of healthy nutrition what is a food pyramid how to combine food and how to begin to eat properly.

For consumption it is desirable to use milts salmon which were caught in open reservoirs. It is connected with the fact that at cultivation on farms there is a risk that they will absorb hazardous substances from stagnant water and not only will not bring benefit to your organism, but also will be able to do much harm.

This product is contraindicated to kids up to 3 years categorically. Then, on condition of absence of an allergy, it can be entered with care into the child's diet.

Because milts are allergenic, during breastfeeding their presence at mother's diet is undesirable. Ban per se does not exist, but not to risk the health and health of the kid, it is better to avoid disputable products.

And here it is possible for women in the interesting family way dishes from milts salmon, but, of course, gradually and not really often are. At the slightest symptoms of an allergy or an indisposition such food needs to be excluded.

First of all it should be noted that it is necessary to buy this fish product in specialized shops and the checked outlets, that is in those places where control of quality of products is exercised. It is preferable that it were milts from the fish caught in open reservoirs, but, unfortunately, even sellers in good shops can sometimes not possess such information therefore this moment can be lowered.

  • color is white, pink or with a reddish shade;
  • consistence — integral and smooth;
  • smell — fish, without any other unpleasant loops.

It is important! If milts have kasheobrazny consistence — it is impossible to buy them at all.

It is forbidden to eat this product in the raw. Thermal treatment or salting are necessary because there is a probability that in milts there can be parasites. Therefore they are recommended to be boiled, fried or salted.

The most important is to prepare well and to beautifully give milts. In this case they will surely be to the taste even to the most thorough skeptic or the spoiled gourmet. Try to create own culinary masterpiece according to the following recipe.

  • milts of salmons — 500 g;
  • mayonnaise — 1.5 tablespoons;
  • garlic — 1 clove;
  • salt — 1 h l;
  • Curry seasoning — 1 h l;
  • grain crumbs or breadcrumbs — 100 g;
  • vegetable oil (for frying) — 50 ml.
  1. For a start it is necessary to wash out milts under flowing water and to dry up by means of a paper towel.
  2. Then we cut fish testicles on pieces on 4–5 cm, we put aside aside and we cook marinade.
  3. For marinade it is necessary to mix mayonnaise with the garlic glove grated or wrung out through a press, salt and Curry seasoning.
  4. We mix milts with marinade and we leave for 2-2.5 hours.
  5. Meanwhile it is necessary to crush bread, for this purpose it is possible to use the grinder of the blender or to grate it.
  6. After the specified time we warm a frying pan and we sprinkle it vegetable oil.
  7. Each piece of milts is rolled in grain crumbs from all directions and we spread on a frying pan. We fry 5 minutes on average fire, then we overturn, we cover and we fry 5 more minutes on slow fire.
  8. Readiness of a dish can be checked, having cut a piece: in the middle it has to be white color.
  9. Ready milts can be given with a vegetable garnish. Any fresh vegetables and also the boiled broccolis or a cauliflower, a stewed white cabbage will be suitable for a dish. If you want the dish to be more nourishing, it is possible to give it with boiled rice, potatoes and pasta. Enjoy your meal!

It is important! If you do not eat mayonnaise, it can be replaced with vegetable oil with a drop of vinegar or lemon juice.

Milts are not recommended to be frozen. Fresh they can be stored 5–8 days at a temperature of 0-6 °C. The marinated product to be stored in the fridge up to 4 months.

This product has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of fish and seafood. If such food causes in you allergic reactions, to you it is not necessary to risk and try testicles of salmon. In addition it is worth using with care milts during pregnancy and it is better to exclude during breastfeeding.

Testicles of salmon in itself are very useful. But exceptions can make those cases when they were taken from the fishes who are grown up in the polluted reservoirs and absorbed in themselves hazardous substances. Unfortunately, there is no method which will help to measure it by eye, and it is necessary to expect only respectability of sellers and suppliers. If you are going to enter a seed plants dish salmon into the menu and pursue the aim to lose weight, then give preference to those recipes in which milts are not fried in fat, and are steamed or prepare as when frying in vegetable oil the product stops being low-calorie and besides becomes heavy for a stomach.

More than ten freshwater and anadromous fishes belong to family of salmon. They are used commercially for receiving valuable meat and delicious red caviar. Let's dwell upon those types most of which often can be met on counters of our shops a little.

This is a freshwater small fish from family salmon, she is very sensitive to composition of water in which she lives. Therefore the trout, as a rule, lives in very clean reservoirs, than and the advantage of dietary, gentle meat of this fish is caused. It should be noted that there is a lot of types of a trout, but all of them are united by high tastes and advantage.

Whether you know? Red fish sometimes her fattest representatives much more groundlessly carry less kaloriyna, than dietary meat to fat and high-calorie products, but it not absolutely so, even, and at the same time also bear the mass of advantage for our organism in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Salmon, or Atlantic salmon — one of the most widespread fishes of family salmon. It has exclusive gastronomic qualities and is appreciated rich vitamin and mineral structure.

Polyunsaturated fats thanks to which it is twice more nutritious than any white fish are its part. The easiest to find milts of a salmon in fish shops or to take them independently after purchase of this widespread fish.

Whether you know? To check how fresh fish is offered you in shop, it is enough to look at her. A guarantee of freshness are shining, transparent eyes, scales which densely adjoins, and bright red gills. Of course, it is worth paying attention and to a smell — it has to possess a light sea aroma.

The smallest representative salmon (up to 2 kg) — not such delicious as the salmon and a trout, but too is enough highly appreciated. She concedes to the relatives drier meat. Though, of course, it is possible to argue with it, a question only in how it is correct to prepare her.

Anyway, it does not affect testicles in any way. Milts of this fish will be extremely useful as she prefers to live in cold and clear oceanic water. From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that milts of salmons are very useful also them, certainly, it is necessary to include in a diet. Naturally, the speech does not go that it is necessary to use them daily, but this very useful and tasty product to become capable harmonious addition of any healthy and dietary food. Therefore we strongly recommend you to try to prepare salmon testicles at least once — and this product will be included by all means into your menu.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team