The simple recipe of a liqueur wine from wild strawberry

The simple recipe of a liqueur wine from wild strawberry

Wild strawberry – magnificent raw materials for fragrant alcoholic drink with the unique, memorable taste. Very simple recipe of a liqueur wine will allow to receive the real delicacy which will be estimated for certain by fans of self-made natural alcohol in house conditions.

The recipe of a liqueur wine from wild strawberry is really very simple. For preparation of fragrant drink pick the ripe intact berry in dry weather, at the same time don't separate sepals from fruits - they will only give additional notes to a wine bouquet. Densely hammer a clean 3-liter jar with the washed-out berry. In the course of filling of capacity mix raw materials with granulated sugar in a proportion 3:1.

The received mix is oversaturated by sugar therefore fermentation will be moderate. For preparation of a liqueur wine from wild strawberry in house conditions it is enough to close to bank well adjusted polyethylene cover - through it the formed carbon dioxide will be gradually pitted. Just in case, in order to avoid juice dribble, put capacity on a plate or a pallet.

You hold ware at the room temperature far from direct sunshine. In one and a half-two months the liqueur wine from wild strawberry will be ready-to-serve. Accurately merge the settled transparent liquid by means of a hose, trying not to lift dregs from a bottom.

Filter the rest (a press, a deposit) through a gauze and leave in bank for a week, transparent liquid isn't formed yet. Add it to earlier poured young wine. You store alcohol in glass, densely close container in the dark cool place with a constant temperature. The cellar or not heated storeroom will approach. 

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