Useful properties of apples

Useful properties of apples

There are many myths and legends about this fruit. And it is absolutely not casual since apple-trees are widespread on all globe, and now they contain more than one thousand grades. Besides, apples are the most valuable, most available fruit.

Mature apples of many grades contain iodine at 8-12 times more, than bananas and oranges. They contain also carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine. Vitamins C, PP, R, apple, wine, lemon, salicylic acids, pectins, cellulose, etc. They surpass many fruit in the content of the tartanovy acid constraining obesity therefore apple fasting days aren't casually widespread.

At diseases of heart and a hypertension it is recommended to eat 300-400 g of fresh sweet apples of 5 times a day to food. At a disease of a liver drink 2-3 glasses of broth of apples in a warm look.

Both crude, and baked they are useful at locks, chronic colitis, an anemia, gout, an urolithic disease, rheumatism, etc. Nutritionists of all directions are unanimous that the use in day of 300 g of apples (it is better in the morning and in the evening) promotes considerable decrease in the sclerous phenomena, normalization of level of cholesterol.

It is useful for elderly people to eat for breakfast slightly boiled thoroughly apples in the milk divorced half water (to boil 1 glass of milk and 1 glass of water 2 minutes, to sweeten with honey). Baked apples treat also dry cough.

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