What do of and whether soy sauce is useful?

What do of and whether soy sauce is useful?

Monks of ancient China for religious reasons replaced dairy products and meat with soy. Resulted vegetarian cheese (from soy milk) and soy sauce. Exact date of emergence cannot be specified, but soon the method of preparation was borrowed by Japanese. Practically at all dishes of Japanese cuisine there is this product adding savor and refinement to culinary recipes.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce — a product of kitchen of the Asian people, has transparent structure and dark brown color, a characteristic smell and taste. For high useful and tastes received the name king in cuisine of Japan. Apply when pickling seafood, meat, fish.

Add to the second and first courses. Use for fish, mushroom, shrimp, meat seasonings. Replace with it salt, seasonings, mayonnaise, oil.

What do a product of

The manufacturing techniques are invariable already several centuries and consist in process of fermentation of uparenny beans of soy, fried wheat and salt in the sun. Process takes about a year.

The received weight is filtered, spilled on bottles and stored two years. Modern technologies add to process of fermentation of a bacterium of Aspergillius, accelerating fermentation up to one month.

Whether you know? The real soy sauce in structure has only three products — wheat, salt, soy.

If there is yeast, vinegar, sugar, peanut and other ingredients, then such product cannot be natural any more.

We study structure

The structure of sauce is extremely simple - it is water, proteins, carbohydrates, food fibers, ashes. There are practically no fats. But soy seasoning is enriched with minerals, vitamins, amino acids. From irreplaceable amino acids we will list arginine, valine, a histidine, an isoleucine, a leucine, a lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophane, phenylalanine. The list of replaceable amino acids includes asparaginic acid, alanine, glycine, glutamic acid (natural amplifier of taste), proline, serin, tyrosine, cysteine. All amino acids promote preservation of youth and health of an organism.

Carry the small content of saturated fats, lack of cholesterol, a significant amount of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, B2, B6, B3 vitamins, high content of iron, potassium to pluses of a product. To minuses — presence of very considerable dose of sodium (more than 200% of standard daily rate).


In structure group B vitamins are especially emitted. It is B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9. RR vitamin content is big. Vitamins directly participate in exchange processes, in synthesis of substances, in power generation, in fight for health of bodies of birth and good mood.

Mineral substances

Mineral substances are presented by many macro - and minerals. Macrocells: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus. Minerals: iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc. Minerals supervise the work of nervous system, water-salt exchange, increase a hemoglobin indicator, increase quality of teeth, hair, nails, skin, strengthen skeletal system.

Caloric content

In dietary food sauce is recommended by all nutritionists. 100 grams of this product have a little more than 50 calories. And, above all — there is no cholesterol.

Read more about such soy products: tofu cheese, mash, chick-pea, soy milk and oil.

The nutrition value consists in the content of a large number of elements of the table of Mendeleyev, lack of fats, refined tastes and ability to increase flavoring characteristics of other products.

Structure I WATCH

Amount of proteins — 7%, and carbohydrates in a product — 8.1%. There are no fats. Low-calorie product. It is rich with the vital elements.

Whether there is an advantage

Undoubtedly, the advantage is high. First of all, we will note existence of a significant amount of vitamins, amino acids, mineral substances. Is prophylactic from emergence of cancer cells, reducing the number of free radicals. Replaces meat in the menu of vegetarians as availability of proteins is brought closer to meat products.

Allows to refuse salt thanks to abundance of glutamines. Has potential to delay process of aging and improves haemo dynamics.

For men

Due to a large number of useful elements this product improves blood circulation. But at the use of excessive quantity of soy products (it is proved by scientists of Harvard) characteristics and concentration (congestion) of spermatozoa at men it is reduced. This feature is connected with existence in composition of soy and products from it women's hormones. Therefore it is necessary to observe a measure in the use.

For women

Positive effect of sauce is based on the isoflavones which are its part which structure is brought closer to structure of estrogen of the woman. This quality improves the general condition of the fair sex, normalizes their hormonal background.

It will be useful for you to learn what vitamins are necessary for health of women and men.

Whether it is possible to use a product

It is recommended to the use to people:

  • having an allergy to proteins of animals;
  • having violations in work of a cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, an ischemic disease, a myocardial infarction, a hypertension);
  • the possessing excess weight;
  • having chronic locks and cholecystitis;
  • possessing pathology of the musculoskeletal device (arthritis, arthrosis);
  • to diabetics.

Important! Physicians advise patients with a hypertension to remove salt from a diet, having replaced it with soy sauce.

To children

Children up to three years cannot use a soy product as the risk of emergence of allergic reactions and violations in work of an endocrine system (thyroid gland) is high.

And here presence of soy at baby food is justified in case of intolerance of dairy components, at a lack of enzymes for splitting of lactose, a galactose at small (hereditary diseases). Sometimes it is the only method of normal physical and intellectual formation of the baby.

To pregnant women

Advise pregnant women to stop the use because of negative impact on a brain of a fruit and threat of an abortion.


Feeding it is required to limit considerably consumption of the given seasoning because of negative impact on the baby through mother's milk.

Possible harm and contraindications

Harm of soy sauce is possible at too frequent and large number of its use (one or two tablespoons a day to the adult enough). For men it is fraught with change of functions of the sexual sphere.

Important! It is contraindicated to allergic persons on bean. The antioxidants which are a part of sauce can also become the cause of an allergy.

At appearance of nausea, pains in a stomach, feeling of fatigue, puffiness will better see a doctor and to stop intake of soy seasoning.

Up to three years it is better for children not to use this product in food. In a risk zone also pregnant and feeding.

As it is correct to choose and store a product

In the modern world the choice of sauce becomes complicated a variety of brands and types. Really natural and useful it will be surely packed into a glass container, has in structure only soy, wheat, salt (availability of protein about 7%) and it is made by fermentation without yeast, vinegar and other chemical additives.

Costs much, but also brings benefit big at the correct use. The natural soy product does not spoil a long time and is stored up to two years, it is desirable in the fridge and in glass packing. The period of storage of other analogs is specified on the label.

Soy sauce at weight loss

Use soy sauce as one of means in fight against excess weight. It regulates exchange processes, accelerates metabolism at the expense of amino acids and minerals, removes toxins, promotes digestion of the necessary substances. Replacing salt with soy seasoning, you accelerate a conclusion of excess water and prevent puffiness.

Whether you know? Distinctive feature of a natural soy product is the ability to emphasize and increase tastes of any dish that forces to refuse additional seasonings (it is based on properties of glutamic acid).

Cosmetic properties

Use of sauce is not limited only to food. Availability of vitamins, amino acids, minerals does useful its application in the cosmetic purposes.

Recipes of masks for hair

  1. Recipe 1. To shake up egg with two teaspoons of soy sauce (only the present) and vegetable oil (any). To moisten with the received mix for an hour. To wash away water of room temperature, then to wash up shampoo. To do two times a week within a month.
  2. Recipe 2. To mix two tablespoons of soy sauce with a glass of water. To apply on clean moist hair for ten minutes. To wash away warm water. To use as necessary for improvement of appearance of hair and giving of a subtle chestnut shade.

Recipes of face packs

Face packs use more often not soy sauce, but soy. Here some the simplest of them.

  1. Recipe 1. To fill in the crushed soy with boiled water. To add couple of drops of oil of olives (or wheat sprouts), a yolk of fresh egg. To mix, put for 15 minutes, to wash away. To apply any moisturizing cream.
  2. Recipe 2. To fill in 100 g of the processed soy with the boiling milk (100 ml). To allow to stand 20 minutes. To add three drops of oil of rosemary. To shake up. To put for 15-20 minutes. To wash away. To apply at acne rash and inflammation of skin.

In cosmetology quite often use essential oils on hair and skin care. Learn more about cosmetology properties of essential oils: camomiles, cedar, bergamot, melissa, tea tree, fir, orange, sandalwood, rosemary.

How to make soy sauce it is more original: the step-by-step recipe with a photo

Often soy seasoning is mixed with other ingredients for obtaining the original recipe. Here one of them.

List of products

The list of products includes:

  • soy sauce — 90 ml.;
  • honey — 40 g;
  • garlic — 3 teeth;
  • tomato paste — 40 g;
  • lemon juice — 25 ml.;
  • black pepper, chicken seasoning (to taste, at will).

List of actions

  • To mix the squeezed-out garlic with lemon pulp.
  • To filter.
  • To add tomato paste and honey to soy sauce.
  • To dilute with garlic lemon juice.
  • To strew with black pepper. To add seasoning (at will).
  • It is good to mix. To use for pickling of chicken. To sustain. To bake or fry.

The most ancient product of mankind — soy sauce is still popular. Remains irreplaceable seasoning thanks to high tastes and useful structure. But be careful of a fake, it will not bring benefit, and harm is more often only.

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