What it is possible to replace sugar with

What it is possible to replace sugar with

Sugar is rather unhealthy, besides it doesn't contain any vitamins, and practically doesn't possess in the useful ways, but it can be replaced with more useful products, and for those who loses weight, more low-calorie.


1. Sugar can be replaced with honey. Yes, it almost doesn't concede to it on caloric content, but it is very useful and has soothing and medicinal properties. It contains a large amount of vitamins as it is natural animal product. Also it is acquired in a different way, than sugar.

2. Fructose - one more replacement to sugar. It is some kind of sugar too, but received from fruit, sweet vegetables. Also as well as honey, is acquired it not as usual sugar. It strengthens the immune system and favorably influences an organism. Fructose promotes the early recovery after physical activities, raises a tone of the person. It is a kaloriyna too, but thanks to sweet which is higher, than at usual sugar, reduces its quantity at addition in dishes.

3. Sweeteners. Here everything is a little more difficult, than with honey and fructose as they don't bear in themselves anything useful, but have the lowest caloric content that is good plus for the people keeping to a diet. Many in general are deprived of caloric content. But sweeteners awaken appetite therefore with them it is better to be more careful.

4. Saccharin - sugar substitute. It is low-calorie, besides is more sweet than some sugar therefore it it is required less. It promotes weight loss, but its big use can do much harm to your organism.

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