What sauce make for cutlets

What sauce make for cutlets

Cutlets are very tasty, fast in preparation and nutritive dishes, besides, it is perfectly combined with the majority of garnishes. Somehow to diversify habitual cutlets, it is possible to make for them various sauces which will impact new relish and juiciness to habitual food.

Sauce to meat cutlets

As after frying meat cutlets are quite dryish, to them it is the best of all to serve sauces. Will ideally emphasize taste of meat tomato gravy which basis tomatoes or tomato paste can form. For its preparation it is enough to roast till golden color a flour tablespoon on a desi, to add to it necessary amount of tomato paste, about 100 ml of meat soup. Separately it is worth roasting onions, carrots, and then to mix everything with sauce. Salt and pepper are in that case added to taste at the very end of preparation.

Garlic, basil, paprika, Chile, parsley – all these ingredients can be added to tomato sauce for meat cutlets. Some hostesses even fill in fried cutlets with this sauce, and then extinguish a baking plate the closed cover several minutes. The meat cutlets made in such a way will never seem dry.

Various sauces to cutlets

As fish cutlets more gentle on consistence, they will be perfectly combined with creamy sauces. It is very quickly possible to make classical "Béchamel" which is pleasant to much. For it it is required: - 3-5 tablespoons of flour;

- 1 bulb; - 3-4 tablespoons of a desi; - 1 glass of milk or sour cream; - 5.5 glasses of meat soup; - salt and pepper to taste. In the beginning in a frying pan it is necessary to warm a desi, to add to it flour and to fry it to a golden shade. The bulb needs to be cut small, to fry and connect a little to flour, broth, milk or sour cream. Salt and spices are added to taste, and sauce should be brought to slow fire. When there is no time at all, will be to mix sour cream, lemon juice, favourite greens and salt enough. It is possible to water with the turned-out sauce any cutlets, thereby having impacted new relish to absolutely habitual dish. If there is a wish for something sharper or juicy, then it is possible to make sauce with garlic on the basis of sour cream. From ingredients it is required: - 250 g of sour cream or cream; - 3 garlic cloves; - salt, parsley, fennel, cilantro. Greens and garlic need to be cut and mixed small with sour cream, to salt. This sauce is cooked in only a few minutes and is suitable for a mushroom, potato and vegetable patties. Sauces are a great way of giving of any dish in a new flavoring format. For cutlets it is possible to make at the same time several sauces which everyone will select according to the flavoring preference.

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