What to prepare fast dishes for New year

What to prepare fast dishes for New year

New Year's days fall on the Nativity Fast, and those who adhere to orthodox canons exclude meat products, milk, eggs from the diet and replace them with vegetables, grain, mushrooms. But it doesn't mean at all that the New Year's table will be poor. Fast dishes can be tasty, very various and quite festive.

Fast seafood dishes

 On holidays of a post there are eases – it is allowed to eat fish and seafood. From them it is possible наваять refined, most tasty masterpieces. A small selection of fast dishes for New year from seafood:

The squids stuffed. On 5 squids 2-3 small bulbs, 2-3 average carrots, 8-12 pieces of prunes, 1 apple with sourness, 2 tomatoes, 1 l will be required. dining room of flour, 1 l. tea tomato, 1 l. the dining room of a soy-bean sauce instead of salt.

Put frozen carcasses in a pan with water, bring to the boil. Then take out them, clean and cut off the heads. Chop onions, grate carrot and brown vegetables in a frying pan on sunflower oil almost until ready. Add the steamed-out and small cut prunes, the peeled grated apple and tomatoes cut on segments in a frying pan. Before it remove from them a thin skin. Finish vegetables until ready of carrots.

Fill carcasses of squids with forcemeat. Make sauce: roast the flour, lay out to it the remained vegetables cut by pieces of the head of squids, a tomato, a soy-bean sauce, it is a little water. Sauce has to be average density. After mix begins to boil, you extinguish 5-7 minutes. Sauce squids.

Squids in batter. Take 5 pieces of squids, flour (1 article), cold water (1 article), sunflower oil (0.6 articles), grain soda (1 l. tea), starch (1 l. dining room), salt. Boil the cleaned carcasses of squids in the boiling water literally several minute, cool, cut rings. Make batter: dissolve flour with water, pour oil, put starch, salt and mix. Dip rings of squids in batter and fry in the heated oil.

Shrimps salad. Take 500 g of the boiled cleaned shrimps, displace with 1 can of corn. Fill with 4-5 spoons of a mustard sauce and strew with chopped greens.

Fast mushrooms dishes

Mushrooms – an excellent alternative to meat, from them it is possible to prepare tasty fast dishes which for certain will be pleasant to guests:

Cabbage roll with mushrooms. Take forks of a white cabbage, 2 l. dining rooms of sunflower oil, 500-600 g frozen or 60-80 g of dried mushrooms, 1 cup of buckwheat, 2 pieces of onions turnip, salt, pepper, greens. Prepare a stuffing: the boiled and overroasted with onions mushrooms connect spice plus to viscous buckwheat cereal.

Scald a head of cabbage boiled water, sustain 5 minutes and sort on leaves. Cut off or beat off thick streaks and lay out on a fabric napkin so that the subsequent leaf blocked a part of previous. On leaves spread out a stuffing, by means of a napkin curtail into roll, put it on the oiled baking tray and in an oven for 30 minutes.

Potatoes filled with mushrooms. Potatoes are required, round, 10 pieces, champignons of 500 g, onions of 2-3 pieces, vegetable oil, fennel, salt, pepper are desirable. Cook unpeeled potatoes, cut mushrooms and scald hot water. Wring out them from water and brown on oil together with the cut onions. Peel potatoes, cut on halves, take out a part of pulp and mix it with fried mushrooms. Fill with potatoes half forcemeat, from above decorate with fennel.

Recipes of fast salads

From vegetables, nuts, fruit it is possible to create festive fast dishes, salads, various snack-zayedki which will surpass by taste meat dishes.

Pumpkin salad. Ingredients the simplest: 70 g of the peeled walnuts, 400 g of pumpkin, 1 l. dining room of vegetable oil, 1-2 segments of garlic, 2 l. dining rooms of wine vinegar, fennel, mint. Slightly fry the pumpkin scraped seeds and a peel and cut into small pieces, then you extinguish on small fire to softness. Cool. Make nut sauce: pound nuts with salt, garlic and greens and dissolve mix with wine vinegar or juice of one lemon. Fill pumpkin with sauce and strew with greens.

Salad pineapple puff. The first layer: small cut crabsticks (200 g) or meat of squids; the second layer: the onions chopped by half rings and previously pickled; the third layer: small cut tinned pineapples (400 g); the fourth layer: sweet corn (1 bank). Miss the mark all layers with fast mayonnaise.

Well and, of course, fruit on a fast New Year's table can be much.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team