What to prepare from rice

What to prepare from rice

Rice is universal and good as a festive or daily dish. From rice it is possible to make pilaf and sake, a dessert and porridge, sushi and risotto. Rice meets in thousands recipes of various kitchens of the world.

For a festive or family dinner and it is tasty prepare classical is possible quickly for risotto.

Clean and cut a bulb, fry it on vegetable oil till golden color. Wash out 200 g of rice, fry to transparency in the same frying pan. Marry 100 ml of dry white wine from 100 ml of vegetable broth, pour in rice and leave to pine on weak fire until liquid is evaporated. You weary risotto not less than 20-30 minutes. At the same time from time to time add broth that rice didn't fry and I didn't burn. Disturb constantly. In the final salt and you pepper, having added some spice to taste: greens, cumin, caraway seeds, curry. In 2-4 minutes until ready add the green peas or/and grains of corn, a bean cut in cubes paprika. Before giving it is possible to strew with a grated cheese, it is desirable parmesan.

Mutton soup of a mastav and a risapromoyta a 500-gram piece of mutton, skim, scud, cut small pieces. Put the most part of meat in a pan, fill in with 4 liters of water, put on fire. After boiling scum and add 10 peas of a black pepper, 1 peeled carrots, lower fire, leave to cook about an hour. In it time cut carrots, a large tomato and paprika. Cut onions rings. In a cauldron heat vegetable oil, fry in it onions till golden color, lay out the remained mutton, then carrots, a tomato, pepper. With broth pour the large potato cut in cubes into a pan, and in 10 minutes 100 g of rice. Salt broth and add cumin. In 10 minutes pour out fried vegetables. It was necessary to boil soup of 5-10 minutes and to allow to infuse within 20 minutes. A dessert rice to a pudingsmeshayta 2 glasses of the boiled cooled rice, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon and to bank of a condensed milk. Put on average fire. Smoothly stirring slowly, bring porridge to the boil. If it turns out dense, add 50 ml of cream. Cover, lower fire and you cook 5-10 more minutes until the pudding thickens. Cool and give, having strewed with the crushed walnuts.

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