What to prepare on the first for children

What to prepare on the first for children

Many nutritionists are sure that soup - an obligatory dish in a children's diet. It easily is acquired, differs in nutritiousness. That the child ate the first with pleasure, choose the correct recipes from the products loved by kids.

Milk noodles

Try to cook sweet milk soup - usually it very much is pleasant to children. To draw their attention, fill it not with usual vermicelli, but small figured products in the form of the alphabet, animals or a stars.

It is required to you: - 0.5 liters of milk;

- 2 tablespoons of figured pasta; - 2 teaspoons of sugar;

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

Pour out milk in a saucepan, add granulated sugar and vanilla sugar. Stirring slowly with mix, bring it to the boil and pour small pasta. Mix soup and you cook it 3-5 more minutes. The exact term of preparation depends on the size of pasta. They have to become soft, but not boil soft. Pour soup in the warmed-up plates and give.

Quenelles soup

That it was more convenient to children to eat soup, do quenelles small. Don't add a large number of greens - many kids don't like taste of spicy herbs. It is required to you: - 200 g of ground beef; - 750 ml of beef or vegetable cook water; - 2 potatoes; - 1 carrots; - vermicelli handful; - 0.5 small bulbs; - salt; - peppercorn; - greens of parsley and fennel.

If the child doesn't love onions, exclude it from the recipe.

Add some salt to forcemeat and roll from it small quenelles. Clean potatoes and carrots and cut in small cubes. Crush onions and roast on a desi. Boil broth with couple of peas of a black pepper, add salt, onions, carrots and potato. You cook all 5 minutes, then lay out quenelles and cook soup of 5 more minutes. Pour vermicelli and in 2 minutes remove a pan from a plate and cover. Before giving strew every portion with a small amount of the crushed greens.

Carrot cream soup

Children like a delicate sweet taste of carrots. That first course turned out more tasty, choose juicy bright root crops. According to this recipe it is possible to cook other vegetables soup - for example, potatoes, corn or green peas. It is required to you: - 450 g of carrots; - 25 g of a desi; - 1 small bulb; - 80 ml of cream; - 70 ml of vegetable broth; - salt. Cut a sliced carrot, and onions - small cubes. In a stewpan warm a desi and fry in it vegetables of 5-7 minutes. Fill in carrots and onions with vegetable broth and you stew vegetables about half an hour until they completely are softened. Remove soup from a plate, cool a little and wipe through a sieve or crush in the food processor.

The consistence of a dish depends on taste of the child. If your kid prefers more potage, reduce amount of liquid.

Return a dish to a pan, add some salt to taste, bring to the boil and add cream. You cook soup a minute more, then remove from a plate. Before giving decorate every portion with the florets which are cut out from carrots. It is separately possible to serve fresh sour cream and home-made croutons from white loaf.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team