White tea: what is it and than it is useful"

White tea: what is it and than it is useful"

question of advantage of tea for a human body always was and remains relevant, and the answer to it can be both affirmative, and negative. Traditional the black and cleaning green drinks are considered as the most popular today, however it is not the only types of the specified product. In the nature distinguish also the white tea having the same rich potential and useful properties.

What tea is

If black and green types grow up in several countries, then white it is considered exclusively Chinese product, in the Province of Fujian its most part is made (a small amount extends from the islands of Taiwan and Sri Lanka worldwide).

It is quite probable that it is connected with specific climatic features of this place or with conservatism of local community, people who want and can buy expensive grades prefer to choose about what long since there were whole legends.

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At the beginning of the development, "white tea" was understood as the product received from only one tree with light, almost white sheet plates. In the modern world this concept has other value: white is the tea which is not fried thoroughly in the traditional way on fire, and just carefully dry-through after collecting. Exactly thanks to insignificant processing it is possible to keep all advantage and charm of leaflets and buds of a tree (the top copies collected during the concrete period and from a concrete tree deservedly are considered as the most gentle).

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Distinguish two types of white tea which deserved the greatest recognition:

  • Silver Eagles (it is made from young top kidneys, silvery-green color).
  • White Peony (it is created from kidneys with two slightly revealed leaflets).

Regardless of white tea of a concrete type, it needs careful and accurate transportation because of what it is difficult to be found in the domestic market and it is much more expensive. However if you nevertheless have to try taste of this refined drink, then you will understand that it precisely costs the spent money.

Whether you know? Despite extraordinary popularity of tea presently, this drink was open absolutely accidentally. If to trust the Chinese legend, then the first time of people tried it in 2737 BC. Somehow time, the emperor Shen-nun sat under a tree (by hearsay a camellia Chinese) and asked to bring to it hot water and as soon as the servant satisfied his request, in a cup several leaflets from a tree fell. The governor decided not to extend them, and having tasted the infused unknown drink, was very pleased with its taste and aroma.

Advantage for an organism

The structure of white tea in many respects reminds structure of other types of this product, but for some reason it is considered that this version has the greatest useful properties. Partly it is the truth, it contains group B vitamins, ascorbic and nicotinic acids, various micro and macrocells, amino acids, there is a little caffeine and some other, more specific components. Scientists consider that such structure really helps to prolong youth, to strengthen health and a sound mind.

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Insignificant fermentation of such tea allows it to keep almost all unique properties of tea sheets, having at the same time just huge curative potential. In particular, white tea is capable to slow down growth and development of bacteria, to block the virus attacks and even to destroy harmful microorganisms. There is an opinion that at the regular use drink can brake or even completely to stop various bacterial mutations, at the same time connecting and bringing out of an organism free radicals, and suppressing development of cancer cells.

White tea will be especially useful to people who have problems with arterial blood pressure though by and large, it improves work of all blood system of an organism, normalizing action of the heart and all arteries and also reducing cholesterol in blood. The potassium which is present at structure of a product perfectly strengthens a cardiac muscle and promotes its full functioning.

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At a hypertension of the first and second degree, it is recommended to use white tea together with performing other treatment, it will only enhance positive effect from them and will promote strengthening of the general protective functions of an organism.

Important! Despite all positive properties of the described drink, they should not be fond excessively, and in the presence of certain problems in health, it is desirable to discuss a possibility of the consumption of white tea with the doctor in advance.

How to choose a quality product upon purchase

Considering all complexity of preparation and transportation of white tea, it is no wonder that instead of a quality product there is a risk of receiving a cheap fake. It is one of the most rare and expensive grades therefore upon purchase it is so important to pay attention to the main signs of its naturalness. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to appearance of a product and term of its storage, if to consider that the season of gathering tea falls on March-April, then fresh raw materials for tea leaves have to go on sale approximately in May-June. Total period of storage (of date of production) should not exceed half a year.

At visual inspection, the form and color of all leaflets in tea leaves have to be identical, without any unclear impurity (dust, sticks, crumbs and other garbage). Besides, the tea leaves chosen by you should not be dampened or especially stick to dry hands, and its aroma is obliged to differ in a subtlety (the ammonia smell from packing is simply inadmissible as it speaks about violation of production at preparation of tea). By the way, similar drink cannot be and flavored.

Important! The price of 100 g of the real white tea quite often reaches 50-100 dollars therefore you should not trust the sellers convincing you of naturalness of a product for 100 hryvnias.

How to store in house conditions

Ceramic capacity with well adjacent cover will be the perfect place for storage of white tea. The vessel with tea leaves should be placed in the dark and dry room, far from the products allocating pungent smells (tea very well absorbs various aromas). Keep in mind, traditional paper packages — not the best solution of the problem of a container as through them all useful components of tea come to light.

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Rules of a zavarivaniye

Despite all usefulness of the described drink, it will be possible to benefit from it at most only on condition of the correct zavarivaniye. Certainly, besides tea leaves of the most important component in this case water is, and than it will be cleaner, especially the refined taste of white tea will turn out. Usual tap water — not the best decision as besides chlorine at it there can be also other components having an adverse effect not only on tastes of drink, but also at your health. And, perhaps, the best choice for a zavarivaniye spring water will be good, the truth acts as an admissible alternative standard bottled.

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The Chinese masters think of tea brewing process very much therefore they approach performance of a task of wasps by all responsibility. If to trust their experience, then the best drink turns out as a result of performance of the following actions:

  • water is heated to 80 degrees that at the bottom of capacity small bubbles began to be formed, but liquid did not begin to boil yet;
  • prepare surely porcelain teapot, previously having rinsed it with boiled water;
  • fill on a vessel bottom tea leaves in a proportion 1 small (tea) spoon on 100 ml of heated liquid;
  • fill in tea leaves with water;
  • leave to infuse within three minutes.

After the specified time it is possible to speak about readiness of white tea for the use safely.

Important! You should not throw out at once the tea leaves made once as it is quite suitable for several more zavarivaniye.

What it is combined with

Chayevaniye — already pleasant occupation in itself, but many people try to combine it with consumption of food. One business if you just got used to wash down with such drink the lunch or a dinner, but if it is about white tea, then there is a wish to experience as much as possible all flavoring subtleties of this refined drink. It is perfectly combined with rice dishes, flour culinary products and even dried fruit, and here joint use with chocolate, candies and sweet cookies it is better to avoid (classical black also will be suitable for these purposes).

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It is necessary to tell that many culinary masters from around the world use white tea as one of the main ingredients at preparation of fish broths, sauces, seafood, and considering that besides high flavoring properties this product makes positive impact on a condition of all organism, such gastronomic decisions are quite justified.

Whether pregnant women can use

During pregnancy many habitual products and drinks appear under a ban and if the woman got used to have tea or coffee on some mugs in day, then now it is necessary to refuse this habit. At the same time if regularly to take "white" drink before conception, then by the time of approach of pregnancy in an organism there will be enough resources for successful incubation of the child and his easy birth. The fluorine which are present at structure, phosphorus, calcium and other important elements are actively applied at creation of the musculoskeletal device of a fruit therefore even in the course of incubation of the kid the consumption of rather weak white tea in limited quantities will promote only positive processes.

Of course, all this is fair only in case the pregnant woman not of a slope to allergic manifestations or does not suffer from intolerance of any component of the described product and to cast away all doubts and to be convinced of safety of the made decision it is possible to consult with the gynecologist.

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Recipes of application in house cosmetology

Unique properties of the specified Chinese opening allow to use it and as the excellent cosmetic capable to improve appearance of an integument. So, for example, the tea leaves which remained after the tea drinking can be dried up, ground in the coffee grinder and to apply as a srub and if to fill in it once again with boiled water, then it it is quite good to cope also with a tonic role (will be able to protect your skin from influence of free radicals, will stimulate a metabolism at the cellular level and the irritation will be able to calm).

Steamed white tea can also be cooled and frozen in the form of ice cubes then it will become excellent tonic for area of a decollete. Extract from raw materials of the specified tea leaves can be found in the list of the making components of various nutritious and night creams, shower gels, peelings and masks. For example, the following recipe will be a great option of the bleaching face pack: one tablespoon of abrupt tea leaves needs to be mixed with a tea spoon of lemon juice and to add to them still a sour cream tablespoon.

Whether you know? Black tea, habitual at us, in China call red in what there is common sense: many rather weakly made grades really have a reddish shade.

What can be harm

If you have no direct contraindications to consumption of the described drink (for example, an allergy), then it will not be able to do much harm to your organism. An exception are pregnant women and the feeding women who should know when to stop and not to be fond of this product.

Also doctors hold the opinion on full safety of white tea, but if the person has belly-aches, has an ulcer or other inflammatory processes in a GIT are observed, then it is worth refusing for a while it or to consume in very limited quantities. Completely it is necessary to exclude drink and in case of the increased body temperature or at diseases of kidneys. For the rest, at good health and lack of all above-stated factors, you should not refuse to yourself into pleasure a tasty and useful tea drinking.

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