10 best products sources and advantage of vitamin B (B)

10 best products sources and advantage of vitamin B (B)

All know of advantage and favorable impact on an organism of fresh vegetables, berries and fruit. Everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle tries to include as much as possible greens and vegetables in the diet.

In this article we will consider in what products there is a vitamin B, what its standard daily rate for the person what can lead a shortcoming or a surplus of this vitamin B an organism to.

About advantage of a complex of vitamins

Today the pharmaceutical market offers the consumer various complexes of so-called synthetic vitamins — special medicines which are sated with vitamin minerals, received in the chemical way.

However modern researches confirm the fact that such medicines do not bring benefit. From there is a conclusion: not all vitamins are useful to health.

Minerals which really bring benefit to an organism contain only in natural products — greens, vegetables, fruit, berries, nuts, even sunlight. Vitamins are those elements which are vital both to adults, and children.

They are not components of cells of the person, however carry out the major biochemical processes in an organism. There is a popular belief that vitamin complexes render positive effect for the person only when he is healthy, and in case of a disease they are useless substances.

However today the official medicine disproves this fact. For example, vitamin D reduces risk of a disease of flu by 50%, he effectively fights against asthma symptoms. Vitamin A has surprising ability — it regulates immune reaction at an infection of gastroenterological character.

For example, when in an organism there is an infection, it intensifies inflammation, and at the right time — switches off it that is control of immune reactions. It is very important to receive in the natural way a necessary vitamin and mineral complex — for this purpose it is necessary to balance the food carefully.

Unfortunately, not all have an opportunity to use enough fresh vegetables and fruit therefore there is an abuse of synthetic vitamin complexes.

It does not revitalize and does not bring benefit to an organism, and only increases income of the pharmacological industry. Besides excessive hobby for chemical medicines can result in boomerang effect — to worsen a physical state. On statistical data, even at those who watch over health necessary vitamins of group B are present at an organism only for 60% from 100%.

Therefore in order to avoid the vitaminodefitsit everyone needs to know what products contain useful components what enrich an organism with minerals and vitamins and what, on the contrary, destroy and bring necessary substances out of an organism. Also it is worth knowing where and in what conditions to store products that they did not lose useful properties.

Whether you know? Vitamin B was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by the Polish scientist Kazimir Funk, it also entered the name to the found substance — vitamin.

In what products contains

Useful effects of vitamins of group B are so extensive and high that practically any system of a human body does not do without them. The thiamine produced by vitamin, regulates work of nervous system of the person, will transform proteins and carbohydrates to necessary energy.

Thanks to nicotinic acid which is also produced by vitamin B there is a splitting of molecules owing to what energy also turns out. The pyridoxine produces such substance as serotonin (he is responsible for good mood of the person), folic acid (B9) has ability to divide cages (also this vitamin is necessary at pregnancy).

Thanks to B11 vitamin the ability of an organism to maintain big loadings increases, and B12 vitamin (cyanocobalamine) is responsible for processing of food. Let's consider in more detail what and in what products contains high concentration of vitamin B.

Beer yeast

Such yeast is protozoa monocelled which comprise huge amount of vitamin B and natural protein. It is remarkable that all 12 types of vitamins of series B contain this product.

It is difficult to overestimate their advantage for an organism — they and promote improvement of digestibility of food, and intensify secretion of subventricles, also increase working capacity, resistance to stress, lower cholesterol level, restore balance of chrome in an organism, well strengthen immunity, normalize microflora. Also beer yeast is irreplaceable for treatment of fragile nails, hair, some diseases of skin. Such biologically active product is allowed to apply even to children — so well it is acquired by an organism. However people with various diseases of kidneys and gout should refrain from consumption of beer yeast.

Important! Surely consult with the doctor before consumption of beer yeast, especially if you are going to take live yeast.

Also live yeast is categorically contraindicated to the people having any fungal diseases — they can negatively affect microflora.


The peanut is also a well useful minerals and vitamin B. However, in comparison with yeast, at its structure there are not 12 types of vitamin B, but seven, however even such vitamin structure renders huge favorable value on an organism. At consumption of peanut the memory improves, the acoustical sensitivity increases, work of heart improves, eye diseases are prevented, nails and hair become stronger. Peanut is especially popular in the USA — there it is generally used in the form of paste which is preferred by all families for breakfast.

Such nutritious product not only vitaminizes an organism, but also gives a large amount of protein — 120 g of nut give standard daily rate of protein for the adult. Moreover, it is experimentally proved that the daily use of a peanut considerably reduces risk of formation of tumors and slows down aging of an organism.

However it is not recommended to use constantly such nut in the raw, especially on an empty stomach — it can entail violations in digestive system.

Dry apricots

Dried apricots is a product which is liked to be used both adults, and children. This product enters a series of those dried fruits what contain the greatest number of useful substances. The sucrose and fructose which are its part cause sweetishness of taste which so is pleasant to children. Besides, sukhofrukt possesses a various set of useful substances: phosphorus, calcium, iron, B1 and B2 vitamins. Such set of components not only burns subcutaneous fat and rejuvenates an organism, but also prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces clotting probability in vessels, prevents a heart attack and damages of a thyroid gland.

Whether you know? Glut vitamins (in particular, vitamin B) causes gipervitaminoz, it leads to fat dystrophy of a liver. Therefore it is important to control and count the vitamins which are a part of various products to save itself from overdose.

Also dried apricots is irreplaceable for the people inclined to diabetes and having hypovitaminosis (lack of group of vitamins and minerals). As dried apricots is the concentrated dried-up product, it is worth using it in quantity, no more than 100 g a day, otherwise it is possible to get indigestion.

Soy flour

Such flour includes B1, B2 and B4 vitamins, a large amount of magnesium, sodium and calcium. Such flour is received as a result of crushing of fruits of soy and further careful drying. Soy flour more than for 55% consists of protein, thanks to it it is an alternative to chicken, milk and fish protein.

Also the product is rich with cellulose which is responsible for removal of toxins from an organism. If externally soy flour practically does not differ from wheat, then in a qualitative sense it considerably surpasses the last, moreover, differs in oiliness and nut smack.

Vitamins of group B prevent emergence of stones in kidneys, counterbalance fat balance in internals, promote weight reduction. Its ability to influence cholesterol level in an organism is considered uniqueness of flour from soy.

Modern nutritionists and specialists in healthy food more often recommend to include in a diet products from soy, in particular, soy flour. Today soy flour is added to sausage, milk, grain, some pasta.

However it is important to investigate carefully structure of products before the use: if to exceed the daily use of soy (for example, having eaten pasta with soy, sausage and milk), then it is possible to cause disorder of digestive tract. Norm the use no more than 250 ml of soy milk a day or 100 g of soy sausage is considered.

Important! Soy flour has also harmful factors. Do not recommend it to use to women during pregnancy — the phytoestrogen (female sex hormones) entering soy breaks a hormonal background of the woman that negatively affects both it, and future child.

Mushrooms to a shiitaka

Such species of mushrooms is a symbol of east longevity (China uses them for more than 6000 years). Distinctive feature — the rich chemical composition of useful substances and vitamins. Besides vegetable protein, potassium, zinc and manganese, B5 and B6 vitamins are their part.

The set of such components provides mushrooms to a shiitaka with such useful properties:

  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • cholesterol normalization;
  • activization of the immune system;
  • fight against cancer and tumors.

In addition, mushrooms are a fine antioksidanot and well bring toxins out of an organism. They are used for strengthening of nails, by alignments of tone of skin and the general rejuvenescence of an organism.

Unfortunately, the high cost of a product does it inaccessible for many. In China, for example, the price for 1 kg of mushrooms can reach $80. The excessive use of such mushrooms can cause a gullet allergy.

In China, the homeland of a product, mushrooms decoction to a shiitaka was used by emperors to keep youth and health. Therefore such product received the second name — imperial mushroom.


Eggs are more available, than mushrooms to a shiitaka, a well of useful substances. Therefore they are actively applied in food by more than 80% of inhabitants of Earth. All vitamins of various groups, except vitamin C are a part of a product.

B6 and B12 vitamins which are a part are responsible for sufficient formation of red blood cells, construction and strengthening of nervous system, increase comprehensibility an organism of proteins and carbohydrates. It is remarkable that one egg contains a third of standard daily rate of B6 vitamin for the adult.

Whether you know? Among group B vitamins the most toxic are B6 and B12 therefore it is necessary to control their use carefully.

Eggs practically have no contraindications to application, on condition of the use of a quality product and the corresponding heat treatment. However such product is contraindicated to those who have an allergy to dairy products.


Cauliflower — the product having brighter taste, than white however it is used to a lesser extent, than the last. And it is vain — the cauliflower is rich with such substances as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, pectinaceous components, magnesium, vitamins of groups C, A and also B1, B2, B6.

Thanks to this set such cabbage is irreplaceable at dietary food: it treats gastrointestinal illnesses (even a duodenum ulcer), improves quality of skin and indumentum, brings toxins out of an organism, besides is easier digested and acquired, than a white cabbage. Surprisingly, but leaves of a cauliflower treat even open wounds — actively use them as compresses. However with such impressive merits this cabbage can do harm to an organism.

It is contraindicated to those who suffer from excessive acidity of a stomach, diseases of kidneys, having problems in a thyroid gland and having gout — some components as a part of cabbage can strengthen these diseases or cause their recurrence.


Parsley is very useful vegetation which thanks to pronounced saturated taste improves a smell and taste of other dishes. Besides the useful minerals which are its part, it contains many components from group B vitamins, namely: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9.

At the expense of it it has such useful properties as:

  • antioxidant effect;
  • updating and correct cell fission;
  • aging process delay;
  • general strengthening of the immune system and walls of vessels;
  • bleaching of teeth;
  • acceleration of process of a metabolism.

At consumption of parsley it is worth remembering the golden rule of health also: everything is good moderately. Excessive consumption of such greens can lead to painful feelings in muscles, up to spasms, to big loss of weight, violation of a chair. Parsley is not recommended to use to pregnant women — it considerably increases threat of an abortion.


According to researches, the most useful is sheep, moose and cow's milk. Milk of these animals not only fat, but also richly useful minerals, proteins and vitamins. Such vitamins of group B as B1, B2, B6, B12 are a part of cow's milk.

These and other components are responsible for removal of toxins from an organism, prevention of development of rickets in children, normalization of exchange processes, improvement of sight. Milk promotes increase in weight, improvement of quality of hair, saturation by calcium of a bone tissue of an organism.

However this product causes much controversy among researchers — consumption of milk how really is useful. According to some experts, daily consumption of milk reduces life expectancy. Such statement evoked a wide response in medicine. Modern researches proved that the people who are regularly drinking milk constantly have small inflammatory processes. Besides the galactose which is a part of milk in different degree is perceived by a male and female body.

Such component can be dangerous to women — it brings calcium out of a female body that promotes more frequent traumatizing and fractures of extremities. Also dairy products are contraindicated to those who long intolerance of lactose — for statistical data, these are about 13% of all population.

It is important! In spite of the fact that heat treatment and pasteurization substantially exterminate the vitamins which are a part of milk it is not recommended to use this product in the raw categorically! Raw milk can be infected with staphylococcus, from this disease effective ways of treatment are still not found.

Therefore to benefit from this product, but not to do to an organism harm, it is necessary to use it no more than 200 ml a day (at the daily use) or no more than 1.5 liters a week.


Such dairy product is very rich with calcium, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It is deserved

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