How to choose the bathroom

How to choose the bathroom

Registration of the bathroom in many respects depends on its size. This parameter is considered first of all during the choosing of color gamma and acquisition of furniture.


1. Choose color gamma in which your bathroom will be issued. It is possible to use shades of one color or to play on contrasts. Consider psychological effect which arises from different coloring of walls. For example, red excites and draws attention. But it, as well as orange or black, it is impossible to use in small rooms that they did not seem even less. And here peach, on the contrary, does not create effect of pressure and it is very pleasant in perception. Select colors which will present you feeling of comfort.

2. Buy finishing materials according to the chosen gamma. Use ceramic tile in shower, near bathtub and over the washbasin. Other sites can be covered with plaster with moisture resistant covering. Smarter option is mosaic or marble.

3. Make the list of furniture which is necessary in your bathroom. As a rule, sets of cabinets, curbstones with sinks and without, cases and shelves are offered. Provide for what each subject will serve. The bathroom is closer, the less in it has to be furniture. Use sets of shelves if cabinets could not be placed. Consider various options of their arrangement. If the area allows, pick up furniture in the same style, as other situation in your apartment.

4. Think over color gamma of objects for bathtub. Most often sell cabinets and curbstones of white color, but you can order also other coloring. Use furniture as accent which will give charm and identity to your room for washing.

5. Choose plumbing and mixers. They bear semantic loading in interior too and have to answer the general style of registration. For example, in the bathroom in style hi-tech will be appropriate the waterfall mixer with illumination or sink from glass.

6. Think over look and placement of mirror. It can be combined with locker or separately exist, occupy the whole wall or its small site. Use mirror tile visually to increase the room of the bathroom. At the same time plan sufficient lighting near mirror as exactly here you will make toilet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team