Children's psychology. Children and divorce

Children's psychology. Children and divorce

Annually, thousands of children undergo through this the unpleasant procedure. Reaction of children to a divorce of parents depends on all circumstances of the divorce and, of course, on age. The divorce of parents for the child is shock and disappointment. Many children can endure it quite quietly and accept that situation which not to change. Sometimes it happens that the psychological trauma which the child got in the course of the divorce is very heavy for it, and it can need the help of the expert.

News about a divorce

If parents understand that a divorce not to avoid, then it is necessary to prepare the child, mother and the father have to participate in a conversation together. At the same time having hidden the feelings of disappointment of your spouse. To let know the main thing that the child is not guilty of anything and that they will be near it even if will separately live.  

Reaction of the child

Reaction at all different, some pretend that all is good, hiding the feelings, other children I begin to study worse, they reduce appetite. At such moment the main thing that the child felt your support. Feelings can be cruel, but such reactions as anger, a depression and alarm, are quite normal. But over time there has to be a gradual improvement. If after all affairs go worse (flashes of aggression and violence, abuse of alcohol or drugs, problems at school, refusal of everything that carried away earlier) in that case without the assistance of experts you will not manage.  

It is important not to involve children in the conflict of parents whatever strong it was. First of all think of the child, he should not make the choice between you. The divorce for the child has to be only a rupture of the love relations between parents, but not deprivation of one of them. It is good when spouses find forces to communicate friendly after the divorce.

Such behavior teaches children to solve problems correctly. It is not necessary to blacken and incite the child against the father or mother at all, the father has the right of a meeting with the child, as well as mother. And even if it seems to you that the child is absolutely small, then actually it not so. He perfectly realizes that occurs. You speak with him as equals, without pretending to be also without deception. For the child it is important to feel that reckon with him.

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