Autumn avitaminosis. How to avoid it?

Autumn avitaminosis. How to avoid it?

the window fall though soul is also not ready to say goodbye finally with a summer. The modern times of year establish the rules: weather, temperature condition, duration of day and night changes. And these changes in the nature affect your health. As show researches, fall - a time of diseases. It is explained by decrease in immunity at most of people.

After summer the physicians constantly face that the population for the warm period of year is gathered... sores. Yes, yes, everything is right, lying on the sun, air, vitamins, water lead not to improvement at all, and on the contrary exhaust an organism. The liver suffers from alcohol which is so relevant in summertime, from smoke during the picnics from the increased dust level in air.

Besides, subjecting the body to radiation by ultraviolet, you receive, unfortunately, not only suntan, but also the weakened immunity.

Travel – it, of course, is healthy, but flights and, in principle, fast change of the territory does not bring you anything good.

Holiday for us – rest in everything. It concerns even a diet. Not only time of meal, but also its quantity and, however, food changes.

Fall – such the intermediate stage before cold winter. It is possible to improve immunity to avoid diseases in the winter. Bilberry, cowberry, a cranberry and cloudberries will become very good assistants in this case to you.

It is better to add various dried herbs, berries or flowers to tea.

Food in general should not be heavy, though has to be nourishing and filled with vitamins. It is daily necessary to use norm because it is impossible to stock up with vitamins.

Give preference to fruit and vegetables, surely include onions, garlic and horse-radish about the diet.

The Scottish scientists established one more reason of typesetting of weight by people during the winter period. Except that at this time we conduct a low-active way of life, we also lack the sun. Literally this word. In cloudy weather of people does not receive enough vitamin D. Hormone which has to signal a brain about saturation is not produced in enough – from here and overeating.

Scientists advise:

  • 1. Is more product as a part of which there is a lot of vitamin D (fish, eggs).
  • 2. To try to spend more time on the street, to breathe fresh air.
  • 3. To set a certain mode (rise, a release) and always to adhere to it.
  • 4. To get enough sleep.
  • 5. To follow the rules of hygiene.

All this advice will help you to keep in a tone in the fall. Do not grieve on summer hot days, you remember, the fall is in own way fine. And if to expect it with inspiration, then it will surely please with the arrival.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team